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Smart Hotel Room System - Signify - Facility Management Product Release

Smart Hotel Room System: Signify

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Interact Hospitality from Signify is a hotel room management system that enables guests to alter lighting, temperature, and make room service requests at the touch of a button. This smart system also lets hotel staff know if a room is occupied and helps them to respond quicker to guest requests, providing useful information to improve the guest experience, optimize operations and save energy.

By integrating lighting, sensors, HVAC, and property management systems, Interact Hospitality allows managers to monitor their entire property via a single dashboard. The system’s open Application Program Interface (API) enables its connection to a variety of hotel systems, so that real-time information can be fed into everything from housekeeping to engineering systems.

One of the key operational benefits of Interact Hospitality is energy savings. By using data from occupancy sensors located in guest rooms and information from property management systems, Interact Hospitality can automatically turn down systems – including HVAC and lighting – when rooms are unoccupied. The room management system also displays information on room status so that staff do not reach out to guests unnecessarily. If a room is set to ‘Do Not Disturb,’ the laundry delivery is automatically paused to respect guest wishes and save staff unnecessary trips and time.


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posted: 8/31/2018