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Eaton's Electrical Business
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Eaton Corporation’s Powerware Energy Management System optimizes power use for all levels of power distribution systems in data centers, including real-time metering at the branch-circuit level.

The system provides comprehensive, real-time metering to the branch circuit, issues warnings and alarms if current loads or environmental conditions exceed user-defined thresholds, tracks event history, collects data from up to eight panel boards and up to 336 pole positions in a single system.

The system continuously measures the current on all breaker levels and warns users of impending trouble. It also has a built-in real-time clock, which can time-stamp all events on the power distribution system and store up to 23 months of data, which can be shown on the local display or communicated to a remote monitoring platform for diagnostics, load profiling and energy planning.


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posted: 9/13/2007