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Laminate Collection Designed for Commercial Spaces - Formica Corp. - Facility Management Product Release

Laminate Collection Designed for Commercial Spaces: Formica Corp.

Formica Corp.
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Commercial architects and designers can create inspiring interiors that are on the forefront of design — while staying on budget — with the launch of SurfaceSet 2016 by Formica Corporation, a trend-forward collection of 35 new products made of beautiful, durable Formica Brand Laminate.

The collection of new products includes two new finishes, six solid colors, 11 patterns, 12 wood grains, a reclaimed denim fiber laminate, and four new patterns created by renowned designer Jonathan Adler. The collection aims to inspire a wide variety of commercial spaces, from retail stores to acute care centers.

“Our new collection brings everything you love about the great outdoors to interior surfaces. Professionals can evoke the warm tones of rare wood slabs, the vivid hues of flowers and fruits, or the soft, cool colors of your favorite pair of blue jeans. SurfaceSet 2016 helps create spaces where people can connect with and enjoy their surroundings,” says Scott Dannenfelser, North America commercial design lead, Formica Corporation.

The 35 new product offerings are the result of months of design and style research conducted by Formica Group’s international design team. Drawing on social, economic and design trends for inspiration, it ranges from finishes and colors to patterns and materials, all created to make spaces more aesthetically and functionally enjoyable.

SurfaceSet 2016 is grouped into three palettes — Unfiltered, Saturate and Raw — that share a common connection to nature and minimalism. Professionals can choose colors that work together within one palette, or to mix and match colors from each palette.

At a time when the trend is to keep it simple, the Unfiltered palette gets to the heart of it. Inspired by authentic raw materials from denim to linen to stone and concrete, the palette features soft, cool hues that blend with subtle warm tones. Imagine a restaurant tabletop in Weathered Beamwood (6410-NG); a bar surface of Elemental Blue Steel (6475-58); or a hotel room headboard in Folkstone Hex (6473-58). The applications are endless.

Among the other remarkable products in the Unfiltered palette is Reclaimed Denim Fiber (9271-90), available in Gloss and a new Jeans finish (9271-JN). Reclaimed Denim Fiber designs are made with real recycled denim fiber, and no two sheets are exactly alike due to the papermaking process.

The natural movement isn’t an excuse to be boring, so throw in the occasional curveball with color or texture. The Saturate palette is a journey down retro lane with fresh eyes. Travel along with laminates that feature eclectic colors and patterns that awaken the senses. Choose bright, vivid hues that bring to mind rare fauna and flora, tropical destinations, and fruits so colorful you can taste them with your eyes. Imagine Concrete Formwood (6362-NT) as the perfect backdrop for trend-forward retailers, and Storm Hex (6474-58) as a signature surface for a restaurant.

Add a dash of chic to welcoming spaces with patterns like Navy Splatter (8167-58) from the Formica® Laminate Jonathan Adler Collection, or his clean-cut take on a classic motif, White Greek Key (9498-58).

Taking a cue from nature, the Raw palette is one of soft, mellow tones that ground us in what’s real. Detailed and genuine, the designs emulate the warmth and beauty of the natural world on interior surfaces. Every color strikes a harmonious balance. Shades like Washed Knotty Ash (6438-58) and Salvage Planked Elm (9480-NG) bring Mother Nature’s tones to an office wall or hotel lobby.

The Raw palette leads with a deep blue Denim Twill (8814-58) — a comfortable classic color that will take us anywhere.


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posted: 1/7/2016