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Edgy Carpet Tile Patterns Mix and Match - Bentley - Facility Management Product Release

Edgy Carpet Tile Patterns Mix and Match: Bentley

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Motto and Tagline carpet tile tag-team duo is clever with attention-grabbing accents. The two designs with tufted textured loop construction double up on style points with their coordinates, Motto Stripe and Tagline Stripe. Working together or apart, the four products form an inspired nuance to fulfill an urge for edge.

Free flowing, organic with movement and depth, Motto stands as the base product to Motto Stripe, which features a vibrant accent line of precision. Tagline, a mid-scale geometric plaid, serves as the base product to Tagline Stripe featuring a striking accent line of color.

Featuring patterns of slight erosion and uniformed with hard accent lines, these designs add creative definition to any space.

Motto | Motto Stripe and Tagline | Tagline Stripe are available in NexStep Cushion Tile and AFIRMA Hardback Tile in 24-by-24-inch and 18-by-36-inch and utilize solution dyed Universal Fibers Type 6.6 Nylon. The products are Cradle to Cradle Certified, NSF 140 certified and CRI Green Label Plus certified, and produced in a LEED-EBOM Gold-certified manufacturing facility.

Motto | Tagline are available in six colors; Motto Stripe | Tagline Stripe in nine colors. Quick Ship available.


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posted: 3/15/2017