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UV-cured Concrete Coating - Niagara Machine - Facility Management Product Release

UV-cured Concrete Coating: Niagara Machine

Niagara Machine
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DiamaPro UV-HS Plus is a durable, chemical and stain resistant urethane coating that protects concrete floors from physical, chemical, and microbial attack and wear. It’s a solution for commercial, industrial, retail and institutional floors that constantly withstand heavy forklift and foot traffic, petroleum and chemical spills, and caustic and acidic agents. DiamaPro UV-HS Plus, infused with Microban, is easy to apply and won’t chip or crack.

DiamaPro Systems UV coatings provide an exceptionally durable and chemical resistant finish to maximize the service life of concrete floors. In addition to superior abrasion resistance, DiamaPro Systems UV coatings are easy to clean and yield an aesthetically pleasing surface.

Unlike conventional coatings, DiamaPro Systems UV coatings cure instantly upon exposure to ultraviolet light. UV Curing eliminates odors and allows areas to be inhabited during the coating process.


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posted: 8/20/2018