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Concrete Coating: United Coatings

United Coatings
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United Coatings’ Elastuff 310 is an elastomeric, 100 percent aromatic polyurea coating developed to provide a durable, waterproofing membrane over vertical and horizontal concrete substrates. The coating offers thermal stability and UV resistance, and is designed to accommodate a balance of physical properties, including elongation, tensile strength, tear strength and impact resistance.

Due to its rapid gel time, Elastuff 310 can be applied in high humidity conditions or on substrates with relatively high moisture content without the fear of blistering or film cellularity. The product is applied using heated component equipment, enabling a high-film build without solvent entrapment. It can be installed over primed metal, concrete, wood, fiberglass, fabric and foam substrates such as expanded polystyrene, isocyanurate and polyurethane.


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posted: 7/9/2007