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Linoleum: Forbo Flooring Systems

Forbo Flooring Systems
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Marmoleum modular collection has 46 colours and four tile formats, ranging from XL (75x50) to small (25x25), and two in-between sizes (50x50 and 50x25) that complement the offer. Marmoleum modular is an invitation to play, combine and connect, shape, size and colour of the tiles. In this way a complete new floor concept is created, one that goes beyond the traditional floor offer where just the design alone decides your choice.

The collection presents itself in three individual expressions:

Shade: a collection of concrete structures in cool and warm greys as well as black and white. They are designed to combine amongst each other and the colour range is presented in delicate steps of colour intensity and hues to create natural realistic stone and concrete patterns. The XL tile (75 x 50 cm) allows you to emphasize the material connection of slate and stone.

Colour: a fashionable collection of pastels as well as a modern mix of colourful concrete varieties and a full spectre of bright warm colours liven up the environment. This is the heart of the collection and the one for which linoleum is most well-known: colour. Colours can be used as focus, accents or as a different way to express the environment.

Marble: classic and contemporary marbled colours that have been created to mix and match to give a special dimension to a floor plan. Make marbled linoleum come to life by combining the marbles that work together like a real natural stone floor. Besides combining within the themes, you can off course also combine each and every colour and design with each other.

Marmoleum is a natural product, made from all natural raw material, of which 72 percent is rapidly renewable in nature, and 43 percent is made from recycled content.


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posted: 8/21/2018