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Cloud-connected Furniture - HermanMiller - Facility Management Product Release

Cloud-connected Furniture: HermanMiller

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Live OS is a human-centered, enterprise-ready system of connected furnishings to enable the workplace to more deeply engage with people. It includes an app and dashboard to offer data-based insights to help understand employees’ ever-changing needs in the workplace. With Live OS, Herman Miller extends its traditional product offering to include this subscription-based service.

Live OS connects Herman Miller furnishings, including sit-to-stand and fixed height desks. Either when first installed, or retrofitted later, Live desks are equipped with sensors that are continuously connected to the cloud using a secure cellular network. This enables the desks to sense people, send data on desk utilization, and respond to people in new ways.

The sit-to-stand desk remembers preferred postures. All a person needs to do is tap the desk control once, and it will adjust to the chosen and saved position. If an individual chooses to receive reminders, the desk control will light up and vibrate, reminding them to switch postures.

While a person is present at the desk, the sensors send anonymized real-time data to the cloud. The dashboard analyzes the data and delivers it in the form of evolving insights to enhance workplace performance.


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posted: 10/16/2017