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Cabling Solution - Siemon - Facility Management Product Release

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Passive Ceiling Zone Enclosure installs flush within a 2-by-2-foot drop ceiling tile space to support zone cabling by enabling shorter, easy-to-manage copper or fiber connections directly to building devices or to equipment outlets supporting a variety of low-voltage building systems.

Designed to meet UL 2043 plenum ratings for digital ceiling deployments, the Passive Ceiling Zone Enclosure is ideal for connecting directly to LED lights, security cameras, wireless access points or building automation controllers, or to outlets serving voice, data, digital signage and other low voltage systems. It includes a 4U adjustable rack system that tilts 45 degrees for easy access to terminations and supports a recommended 96-copper port count to harmonize with IEEE 802.3 Type 2 and Type 3 Power over Ethernet (PoE) bundle size limitations and eliminate over congestion for optimized zone cabling deployments.

Lightweight for easy overhead installation, Siemon’s Passive Ceiling Zone Enclosure features a lower profile for installation in a wider range of ceiling spaces while supporting a load capacity of 70 pounds. Its hinged door features foam gasketing to minimize vibration and accepts cut ceiling panels to blend into the surrounding ceiling décor.

Part of Siemon’s line of ConvergeIT Cabling Solutions for Intelligent Buildings, the Passive Ceiling Zone Enclosure is ideal for use with Siemon plenum-rated cables, cords and connecting hardware to provide connections in the plenum space.


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posted: 6/1/2017