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Chair Sits Between Task and Lounge - HBF - Facility Management Product Release

Chair Sits Between Task and Lounge: HBF

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The Conexus lounge chair collection has a mid-back version. The chair’s mid-back height increases its flexibility across less formal environments, while still maintaining the modern beauty and signature craftsmanship for which the original is best known.

True to the original version, Conexus mid-back fills the void between task and lounge seating but with more visual lightness due to the lower backrest. This silhouette, combined with the sculptural shape, elegant upholstery or wood back, and slim profile, makes Conexus mid-back a practical solution for lobbies, lounges, and modern collaborative environments. It allows its users to relax while waiting as well as maintain a comfortable, seated position to carry on a conversation with a person seated next to them.

In terms of comfort, Conexus mid-back does not fall short. The slightly reclined backrest maintains the chair’s ergonomic features and back support thanks to custom bracketry for a comfortable seating position that perfectly lies between lounging and upright sitting. Conexus also features self-return swivel to keep a tidy appearance.

Conexus mid-back is available in two versions: fully upholstered or with a Walnut wood back. The wood back options are especially striking; made out of one piece they showcase the beautiful wood grains of the flat-cut walnut. The optional ottoman complements both options and is available with a Walnut shell or fully upholstered. The Conexus base is available as polished stainless steel or powder coated black.

Conexus’ most important detail is also its most elegant — the wood edge almost disappears into the upholstery with no welt, giving the appearance of a piece made from a single seamless material. This technical feat speaks to HBF’s dedication to craftsmanship and quality, with a final product in which only paper-thin edge and upholstery are visible.

Conexus also boasts impressive environmental attributes. At the end of its life, its components can be recycled or composted. It is SCS Indoor Advantage Gold Certified and is level 2 Certified. Conexus also provides LEED V4 and LEED 2009 Contributions.


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posted: 4/18/2017