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Drywall Ceiling Grid - Certainteed - Facility Management Product Release

Drywall Ceiling Grid: Certainteed

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CertainTeed QuickSpan Locking Drywall Grid System is a ceiling grid system that provides long unsupported spans for flat drywall, engineered and designed to offer faster, easier installation in hallway and corridor applications.

Part of CertainTeed’s complete drywall grid system, QuickSpan is a locking system that features solid cross tees that audibly click into place for a positive lock, comprised of a heavy-duty metal material for maximum rigidity and screw grip. This greater strength and stability is achieved with a meticulously constructed double-stitched web. Its locking channel includes pre-engineered locking tabs spaced every eight inches on center, allowing tees to quickly twist and click into place, providing installers with peace of mind that the layout is accurate and the channel is set. The locking tab also prevents lateral and upward movement or deflection.

With the highest tested and certified load data, QuickSpan goes the distance without mid-span support or hanger wire. When compared to a standard hung drywall grid, QuickSpan won’t deflect or roll. QuickSpan is available in custom lengths along with a full line of standard lengths.


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posted: 5/30/2017