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High-Performance Ceilings Portfolio Expands - USG Corporation - Facility Management Product Release

High-Performance Ceilings Portfolio Expands: USG Corporation

USG Corporation
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USG Corporation introduced four new products to its high-performance ceiling panel line.

The new high-performance and high-value products include USG Mars High-NRC/High-CAC Acoustical Panels, USG Eclipse High-NRC Acoustical Panels, USG Mars Healthcare High NRC Acoustical Panels and USG Orion Acoustical Panels. All four feature the USG ClimaPlus 30-year lifetime system warranty against visible sag, mold and mildew and are designed for use in everything from open office space and doctors’ offices to hospitals and schools.

“Acoustics play a critical role in our daily lives, whether in an office environment, in our children’s classrooms, or within the hospitals that serve our communities,” says Scott Qualls, Director, Sales & Marketing, USG Ceilings Division. “The expanded USG Ceiling Solutions portfolio combines exceptional product performance at a great value, ensuring our clients and customers can help to create the best possible acoustical experience for end-users.”

The new products include:

• USG Mars High-NRC/High-CAC Acoustical Panels —These tiles offer excellent noise reduction options in NRC .80, .85 and .90, along with high noise isolation options: CAC 30, 35 and 40. They have a high light-reflective finish that minimizes the need for light fixtures and energy use. The nondirectional, monolithic visual reduces installation time and waste and coordinates visually with USG Halcyon Acoustical Panels for open- or closed-plan applications. These panels are ideal for use in offices, healthcare, classrooms, corridors, reception areas, lobbies, department stores and retail.

• USG Eclipse High-NRC Acoustical Panels — These elegant, fine-textured ceiling panels feature excellent noise reduction (up to NRC .75) and are available in Optimized Recycled Content. This helps maximize LEED recycled content contribution. They are recommended for use in offices, conference areas, healthcare environments and retail stores.

• USG Mars Healthcare High NRC Acoustical Panels feature a water-repellent membrane designed to be durable and safe with common disinfectants. They are washable and soil-resistant plus impact and scratch resistant. The acoustics and cleanability exceed FGI guidelines for healthcare environments. The high-NRC (.70/.80) provides excellent sound control in healthcare facilities to assist in addressing HIPAA standards. The panels have fully encapsulated edges and visually coordinate with USG Halcyon Healthcare, USG Mars™ and USG Halcyon Acoustical Panels. These panels are ideal for use in patient rooms, treatment rooms, nurses stations, waiting rooms, laboratories and corridors.

• USG Orion Acoustical Panels offer excellent noise reduction. The high light-reflective finish reduces the number of needed light fixtures and energy use. The nondirectional, monolithic visual reduces installation time and waste. These tiles are recommended for use in offices, conference rooms, healthcare, classrooms, corridors, reception/lobby areas and dining rooms.

Using a balanced acoustics approach is key when selecting which ceiling panels to install. A combination of moderate sound absorption (NRC) and high sound attenuation (CAC) has proven to be one of the best overall solutions, and USG provides a plethora of different ceiling solutions, ranging from economical to higher-performing ceiling systems, from which to choose.


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posted: 8/5/2016