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Sound-Blocking Panel System Keeps Conversations Private - pinta acoustic inc. - Facility Management Product Release

Sound-Blocking Panel System Keeps Conversations Private: pinta acoustic inc.

pinta acoustic inc.
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Pinta acoustic, inc. announces the introduction of AirHush, a portable sound-blocking panel system engineered to keep sound from traveling into adjacent spaces. AirHush panels easily assemble to create freestanding partitions or enclosures to allow for private conversations or to block disruptive noise from equipment or other nearby sources. The unique contemporary appearance, modular design and sound isolation properties of AirHush make it ideal for open-plan offices as a huddle or conference room, educational facilities, music and media rooms, retail sound rooms, trade show conference areas, worship facility crying rooms and more.

Constructed with an inflatable core and modern soundproofing materials in an aluminum frame, standard AirHush panels have a sound transmission class (STC) of 34. Enhanced models have higher STCs, as well as R and NRC values. AirHush ISAT (Inflatable Sound Attenuation Technology) Systems provide the flexibility to create areas for blocking or isolating sound anywhere.

“The AirHush panel system is a great addition to our full line of acoustical products,” says Joerg Hutmacher, CEO at pinta acoustic. “This system is being offered through a partnership between pinta acoustic and AirHush ISAT Systems Inc. of San Francisco, California, developers of the ISAT innovation.”

“AirHush is excited and pleased to be partnering with pinta acoustic, a global leader in their domain for more than 50 years,” says Jim Pilaar, CEO of AirHush ISAT Systems, Inc.
The barrier material is available with transparent mass-loaded vinyl. When sound blocking and absorption are needed, the product can be modified to include pinta’s willtec® sound absorbing open-cell foam. The system is simple to disassemble and panels deflate to save storage space and shipping costs.


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posted: 6/20/2016