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Ceiling Panel - Armstrong Ceiling Solutions - Facility Management Product Release

Ceiling Panel: Armstrong Ceiling Solutions

Armstrong Ceiling Solutions
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Total Acoustics ceiling panels feature the ideal combination of sound absorption and sound blocking in the same panel. By providing the ability to both absorb unwanted sound and block sound from traveling into adjacent spaces, Total Acoustics ceiling panels are an ideal choice for today’s flexible interiors where a mix of private spaces and open spaces often share the same floor space.

Total Acoustics performance is also recently available in select MetalWorks and Woodworks product lines. Acoustics Meet Aesthetics

When perforated and backed with an infill panel, the additions not only provide excellent noise control but also enhanced design flexibility, especially in signature spaces. In areas where a strong visual statement is desired, MetalWorks panels impart a sleek, sophisticated look while WoodWorks panels impart a rich, warm look.

WoodWorks ceiling panels with Total Acoustics performance include WoodWorks Tegular, WoodWorks Grille Tegular, and WoodWorks Channeled Tegular. MetalWorks ceiling panels with Total Acoustics performance include MetalWorks Tegular, MetalWorks Tin, MetalWorks Mesh, and MetalWorks 3D.

Both metal and wood Total Acoustics panels are rated as Good, Better, and Best based on their combination of sound absorption as denoted by their Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) and sound blocking as denoted by their Ceiling Attenuation Class (CAC).

The additions join a family of Armstrong product lines that already feature a wide variety of ceiling panels with Total Acoustics performance, including Ultima, Calla, Lyra, Cirrus, Fine Fissured, Mesa, Canyon, School Zone, and Georgian.


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posted: 5/26/2017