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Ceiling Portfolio - ARMSTRONG CEILINGS - Facility Management Product Release


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The Sustain high-performance sustainable ceiling portfolio includes more than 850 products that meet the industry’s highest sustainability standards. The Sustain portfolio includes Ultima and Cirrus ceiling panels, expanding the offering of sustainable ceiling products with Total Acoustics performance. Total Acoustics ceiling panels provide high sound absorption (NRC) and sound blocking (CAC) in a single panel. Other products in the Sustain portfolio that offer Total Acoustics performance are Calla, Lyra PB High CAC, and Canyon ceiling panels.

With their ability to both absorb unwanted sound and block noise from traveling into adjacent spaces, Sustain products with Total Acoustics performance enhance indoor environmental quality with clean materials that create quiet environments that foster concentration, collaboration, and privacy. The Sustain portfolio also includes other products that offer noise absorption, including Lyra PB (plant-based binder) and Optima PB ceiling panels.

With the addition of MetalWorks Blades — Classics, there are now five metal ceiling products in the Sustain portfolio, including MetalWorks Snap-in, MetalWorks 3D, MetalWorks Torsion Spring, and MetalWorks Clip-on unperforated panels. Prelude XL Max has been added to the list of suspension systems in the Sustain portfolio, which also includes Prelude XL, Suprafine XL, Interlude XL, and Silhouette XL. Rounding out the offering of sustainable ceiling solutions are the Axiom Trims and Transitions and Short Span and Quick Stix drywall grid systems Armstrong Ceilings has added to the Sustain portfolio.

All the ceiling systems in the Sustain portfolio have the environmental characteristics and documentation needed to comply with the leading green building rating systems, including LEED v4, the Living Building Challenge, and the WELL Building Standard. To meet material transparency requirements, Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) and Health Product Declarations (HPDs) have been developed for all the ceiling products in the Sustain portfolio. Sustain ceiling products also comply with the performance standards of the Living Building Challenge certification program and the low emissions standards of the California Department of Public Health. All the products in the Sustain portfolio feature a Declare label. All Sustain products are free of chemicals of concern per the Living Building Challenge Red List.


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posted: 11/28/2017