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Glass Wall System Suits Specifics for many Space-Management Situations - Modernfold - Facility Management Product Release

Glass Wall System Suits Specifics for many Space-Management Situations: Modernfold

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Modernfold’s innovative new Acousti-Clear glass wall system delivers a unique combination of sleek aesthetics with highly effective sound-control technology. The Acousti-Clear family of glass wall systems includes three varieties — Motorized, Automatic and Demountable — to suit the specifics of virtually any space-management situation.

All Acousti-Clear Systems provide exceptional sound control — 45 STC on glass partitions, 50 STC on solid partitions — maintaining a quiet, productive work space by substantially reducing distracting noises that may occur on the opposite side of the partition. The sophisticated glass-and-aluminum look of Acousti-Clear also fits the widest possible range of contemporary interiors, with a spectrum of hardware options available, three attractive metal finishes, and a practically unlimited selection of RAL powder coat colors and custom glass options.

Acousti-Clear Motorized eliminates set-up concerns with its innovative Comfortronic seal system — motorized top and bottom seals provide a constant perfect seal for ideal acoustics at all times. Offered in single panels, Acousti-Clear Motorized features optional motorized venetian blinds that can be raised, lowered, or simply tilted with the turn of a switch, yielding privacy when needed or full daylight when desired.

The affordable Acousti-Clear Automatic partitions feature a technologically advanced seal system that automatically sets both top and bottom seals, advancing each panel forward into the adjoining panel with no cranks to turn or buttons to push. Available in single or paired panel systems, Acousti-Clear Automatic partitions provide maximum flexibility for challenging or complex layouts. There are no sight obstructions with Acousti-Clear Automatic partitions as a newly designed glass expandable panel is available to seal openings, enabling an obstruction-free, full-glass wall experience with excellent sound control.

Acousti-Clear Demountable partitions impart the indispensable flexibility that today's workspaces demand. This fully demountable office front system can be moved or configured in virtually any imaginable arrangement. With the same superior sound control provided by all Acousti-Clear products, Demountable partitions set new standards in effective, efficient space management.


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posted: 12/18/2015