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Acoustical Products: illbruck acoustic

illbruck acoustic
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willtec is the core material in the company’s acoustical products for wall panels, baffles, ceiling tiles, multilayer composites and HVAC duct liners. The products include SONEXclassic panels, SONEXone panels and baffles, SONEXvalueline baffles and panels, SONEXpyramid panles, SONEXsuper wedges, and PROSPEC foam, composite and pipelagging. The products have consistent natural gray color through their thickness, so if the products are cut, broken or marred, the exposed interior color matches the exterior color. A lightweight porous melamine foam, milltec is Class 1 fire rated, meets ASTM E-84 requirements for flame spread and smoke density and passes UL 1715 room fire exposure test.


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posted: 11/8/2006