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Software Allows Customers to Control Sound Masking Across Multiple Locations - Cambridge Sound Management - Facility Management Product Release

Software Allows Customers to Control Sound Masking Across Multiple Locations: Cambridge Sound Management

Cambridge Sound Management
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The Qt® Command Center is a new enterprise software application that allows administrators to manage multiple networked QtPro sound masking systems anywhere in the world from a single dashboard.

“Some of our larger customers have our sound masking system installed in locations around the world,” says Mitch Nollman, Vice President of Sales at Cambridge Sound Management. “We wanted to give them the ability to control sound masking at all of their locations easily.”

The Qt Command Center allows facility managers or IT administrators to set up and update the settings on any Qt Control Modules, regardless of its location on a corporate LAN. It also allows users to copy settings from any controller and apply them to one or more controllers, eliminating the need to do this manually. The Qt Command Center makes it possible for users to add, label and map independent control modules, which enhances the ease of scalability in a facility. Users can also export settings from the Qt Command Center for easy backup or transfer.

“Global enterprise customers are increasingly adopting QtPro sound masking to help reduce distractions and protect speech privacy in their office campus environments,” says David Sholkovitz, Director of Marketing at Cambridge Sound Management. “The Qt Command Center application empowers administrators to easily control each sound masking system remotely, ensuring optimal system performance.”


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posted: 9/7/2015