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Collaborative Furniture - Herman Miller - Facility Management Product Release

Collaborative Furniture: Herman Miller

Herman Miller
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Prospect is a portfolio of semicircular freestanding furniture designed to foster collaborative and individual creativity in today’s workplaces and learning environments. Perfect for small to medium-size teams, Prospect is a portfolio of semicircular freestanding furniture, an oasis for creativity featuring whiteboards, tackable surfaces, and media display.

The height and space between the round structure and table strike a balance between intimacy and openness, which encourages engagement by reducing visual and audio distractions.

Prospect’s Solo Space is perfect for individual creative work or simply a place to touch down and tackle a few quick tasks. The circular shape offers visual privacy and the soft, sound-absorbing surfaces create a peaceful spot for working or studying.

Prospect is designed to encourage impromptu collaboration and to provide a sense of privacy so that people can work together and then divide and conquer, all within an open floorplan.


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posted: 2/28/2018