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Bird Repellent - Nixalite of America Inc. - Facility Management Product Release

Bird Repellent: Nixalite of America Inc.

Nixalite of America Inc.
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Nixalite’s Fog Force is a fogging repellent made from food-grade ingredients. The compound uses Methyl Anthranilate, an synthetic grape flavoring agent in foods and beverages; it is regulated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Fog Force may be used indoors and outdoors to repel any nuisance birds such as Canada geese, pigeons, starlings, blackbirds, cowbirds, gulls, mallards, and other birds that that have become a nuisance or a health hazard. The product delivers a dry haze made of fine aerosol particles that stay suspended in the air. When birds are exposed to the repellent, it irritates their eyes and mucus membranes without permanent damage to the birds. Fogging works with all birds, independent of their activity. They do not have to eat the product.


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posted: 7/9/2007