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Inspection Camera - RIDGID - Facility Management Product Release

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The SeeSnake micro inspection camera allows users to view objects in hard-to-reach, obstructed, or tight spaces, such as inside ductwork and walls, around equipment, and behind wiring. The attachable accessories allow users to look around corners; retrieve objects, such as lost tools; and pick up small metal items with a magnetic tip.

The high-resolution camera head sits at the tip of a flexible three-foot cable that is reinforced with a waterproof vinyl jacket. Users manually control the cable and camera, which relays images back to a 2.5-inch color LCD screen attached to a pistol-grip handle. The camera is equipped with adjustable LEDs.

It comes with three separate attachments that twist and lock into place on the camera head. A J-shaped extension called the hook tip lets users pick up, tug, or pull small objects within reach of the cable. The magnetic tip can pick up metal objects. When users have to probe tight spaces, the mirror tip lets them look around corners.

The camera weighs just over 1 pound and comes with a protective storage case. Four AA alkaline batteries are included to power the camera for up to three hours of continuous viewing time.


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posted: 3/9/2007