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Safety Cell - Frommelt Products Corp. - Facility Management Product Release

Safety Cell: Frommelt Products Corp.

Frommelt Products Corp.
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The Enviro Saf-T-Cell is the first standardized safety cell enclosure with an integral air filtration system. The cell uses regularly-stocked, off-the-shelf components packaged in an unlimited number of sizes. The cell is UL approved, meets flame propagation requirements of NFPA-701, and complies with barrier standards of ANSI/RIA-1506.

The cell limits access to peripheral employees while protecting them and neighboring machinery from flying debris, weld flash, machine noise, and toxic fumes. A lightweight, top-mounted fume collecting hood system, and sound attenuating panels capable of significant machinery noise reductions provide additional protection.

Cells feature an automated, fabric roll-up door with safe, low-impact soft bottom edge and patented Category 4 non-contact interlock switch safety features that disconnect power if the door is breached. Eight-gauge, powder-coated steel fencing and post system with interlocked safety access doors create a minimum space footprint, and translucent or opaque fabric panels with UV protection are attached.

Metal way trays for all electric wire runs provide easy storage options, and there is automatic activation for the door and fume collector.


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posted: 12/8/2006