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Shelf Carts - Eagle MHC - Facility Management Product Release

Shelf Carts: Eagle MHC

Eagle MHC
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Angled shelf carts are designed to maximize product visibility and ergonomic advantage. They are available in a stationary configuration for use in storeroom applications.

Each angled shelf cart features an open-wire construction for high visibility and reducing dust build-up. Shelves are adjustable on 1-inch vertical increments, with the flexibility to adjust the slope of each shelf from 0–30 degrees. The shelf facilitates first-in, first-out inventory management by allowing products to be loaded from the rear, and pulled from the front. Heavy-duty casters allow users to move carts without having to remove merchandise during transport.

The shelf assembly is stabilized with three-sided truss-reinforcement braces at the top and bottom. The shelves are available with Eaglebrite plated zinc, black epoxy, or chrome finish.

The units are available in 36-, 48- and 60-inch lengths, in prepackaged units featuring four shelves, posts and swivel casters. Custom sizes, configurations and special colors are available, as well as dividers and additional shelves.


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posted: 3/6/2007