Current Issue: October 2014
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Americans With Disabilities Act
Part 1: ADA Compliance: Avoiding Common Problems
Part 2: Complying With ADA: Construction And Maintenance Challenges

Sustainable Operations
Part 1: Building Recommissioning Helps Heifer International Meet Challenges Of Reliability, Efficiency, And Sustainability
Part 2: Main Problems Identified During Commissioning Included Malfunctioning Sensors And Water Valves
Part 3: Ongoing Commissioning Is Part of Comprehensive Approach

Hospital Security
Part 1: Appropriate Technology Is Key To Hospital Security
Part 2: Protecting Healthcare Staff From Patients, Family Members
Part 3: Hospitals Weigh Access Control And Intrusion Detection

Open Ceilings
Part 1: Open Plenum Ceilings Pose Acoustical Challenges
Part 2: Sound-Masking, Furniture Systems Improve Open Plenum Acoustics
Part 3: Aesthetic Challenge Of Open Plenum Means Avoiding A Tangle Of Wire, Pipes, And Ugly Ducts
Part 4: Product Showcase: Ceilings

Building Codes
Part 1: New Energy Code Approach Could Be Industry Game-Changer
Part 2: Outcome-Based Energy Codes Link Operations To Design
Part 3: How Would Outcome-Based Energy Codes Be Enforced?
Part 4: With Outcome-Based Codes, Who Is Responsible For Performance During Measurement Period?
Part 5: ICC Votes On Energy Code Compliance For IgCC

Project: NAS Headquarters
Part 1: Historic Preservation Meets Green Design At National Academy Of Science
Part 2: With BIM, Historic Landmark Gets Sustainable Renovation

Ask An Expert: James Woods, Interiors
Part 1: What FMs Can Do To Make Interiors More Resilient
Part 2: Intriguing Ways FMs Are Shaping Interiors For Occupant Health
Part 3: Evaluating Space Density To Gain Efficiency
Part 4: Interesting Ways Biophilia Is Being Applied In Commercial Facilities

HVAC Efficiency
Part 1: Innovations Offer Reductions In HVAC Energy Consumption But Are Often Ignored
Part 2: Consider These Passive Or Energy-Efficient Active HVAC Systems
Part 3: Net-Zero Energy Buildings: Waste Heat Recovery And Renewable Energy

Utility Bills
Part 1: How Disasters Impact Utility Bills: Lessons From Superstorm Sandy
Part 2: Three Ways Electric Bills May Be Wrong After A Disaster
Part 3: Temporary Generators, PPAs, Bring Electric Bill Complications After Hurricane
Part 4: How To Handle A Utility Billing Dispute

FM Strategies: Retrocommissioning
Part 1: Retrocommissioning Improves Energy Efficiency in High-Performing Buildings
Part 2: Key Findings from Retrocommissioning a High-Performance Building

Innovative Products: Paints/Coatings

Gallery: New Products

Supplier Spotlight

Roof Coatings
Part 1: Coatings Are A Tool To Extend The Life Of A Roof In Cost-effective Manner
Part 2: Focus On A Coating’s Overall Quality As Well As Specific Features
Part 3: Follow Key Installation Tips To Produce Roof Coating That Performs As Expected

Power Distribution
Part 1: Developing Enernet Foresees Buildings Playing Integral Role Within Power Distribution Network
Part 2: Future Building Needs Include Connecting Directly To Utility’s AC Power
Part 3: Enernet’s Success Will Mean Buildings Must Easily Generate Their Own Clean Energy

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