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Current Issue: August 2015
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Part 1: How Type of Paint and Paint Quality Affect Performance
Part 2: Basic Paint Components and Their Role in Quality, Performance
Part 3: Consider Application Needs, Environmental Conditions In Selecting Paint

Mass Notification Systems
Part 1: How Mass Notification Systems Are Used and Their Various Forms
Part 2: NFPA 72, Risk Analysis Also Important with Mass Notification Systems
Part 3: Tips on Mass Notification ‘Designers,’ Limitations, and Testing
Part 4: Kobar Tower Attack Prompted Development of Mass Notification Systems
Part 5: Combining Fire/Life Safety, Emergency Communication Systems for Mass Notification

Part 1: Managing the Acoustics of Open, High-Performance Workplaces
Part 2: Managing Transition to Open Workplaces and Drawing from ‘Toolkit’ of Acoustics Products
Part 3: Solving Acoustics With Design, Location, Planning

Uninterruptible Power Supply
Part 1: Understanding UPS Offline Design Trend, Redundancy Options
Part 2: New UPS Options with Compact Designs, Batteries, Cooling Requirements
Part 3: Understanding UPS: Generators, Load Tests, Commissioning, Circuit Breakers
Part 4: 5 Criteria to Guide Purchase of UPS

Tep Steps to Resilience
Part 1: Ten Key Steps to Resilience Planning for Buildings
Part 2: Climate Change Drives Need For Resilient Facilities

Green Building Report
Part 1: Using Interior Strategies To Boost Productivity, Sustainability Initiatives
Part 2: Allowing for Varying Employee Ages, Preferences in Workplace Style
Part 3: Managing Sustainable Design for the Long Term in Workplace Interiors
Part 4: LEED v4 and Why Raising the Bar Matters

Part 1: Evolution of VAV Systems, and Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems as Alternative HVAC Strategy
Part 2: Understanding Displacement Ventilation, Underfloor Air Distribution as Alternative HVAC Strategies
Part 3: Understanding Radiant Heating/Cooling and Demand-Control Ventilation as Alternative HVAC Strategies

Ask An Expert: John Lembo
Part 1: Advice To Improve Maintenance Focused On Energy Efficiency
Part 2: Quality of Maintenance Programs and Their Effect on Energy Efficiency
Part 3: Best Approach To Take With Antiquated Equipment
Part 4: Building System With Most Negative Effect on Energy Efficiency

FM Strategies: Real-Time Energy Management
How Real-Time Energy Monitoring Saves Energy

FMXcellence Awards
Part 1: 2015 FMXcellence Awards Honor FMs Who Tackled Energy, Staffing Challenges with Proactive Planning, Analysis
Part 2: Honoree: Sheridan College, Oakville, Ontario
Project: A Vision of Energy Excellence
Part 3: Honoree: Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle
Project: Excellence in Lean Staffing
Part 4: Honoree: University of Arizona
Project: Excellence in Succession Planning
Part 5: Honoree: adidas Group
Project: Excellence in Earmarked Budgeting

Part 1: Understanding Flooring Options in Entry, Common-Space Areas
Part 2: Understanding Flooring Options in Private and Executive Space, Break and Lunch Rooms
Part 3: Knowing the Characteristics of Flooring Products

Video: Best Practices Discussed by 2015 FMXcellence Award Winners

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