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Current Issue: September 2015
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FaciliThon Aims To Draw High School Students Into Facility Management Careers

Survey: 2016 Facility Capital Budget Plans

Part 1: Importance of Good Roof Asset Management
Part 2: Getting Good Roof Design and Installation
Part 3: Role of Inspections, Repairs in Roof Asset Management

Energy Storage
Part 1: Understanding the Revolution in Energy Storage
Part 2: Energy Storage Applications
Part 3: Pairing Solar Power with Energy Storage

Greening Existing Buildings
Part 1: Training Staff, Occupants to Reach Sustainability Goals
Part 2: Creating a Facilities Environment Inviting to Technology
Part 3: Knowing and Designing For Your Occupants

Fire/Life Safety
Part 1: Changes in Fire/Life Safety Systems
Part 2: Alterations, New Occupant Can Affect Code Compliance
Part 3: Understanding Advances in Technology, When to Upgrade
Part 4: Getting the Best Fire/Life System System You Can

Operating Budgets: Survey of 2016 Facility Plans

Hospitality Industry
Part 1: Big-Picture Guy at Marriott: A Profile of Lenny Jachimowicz
Part 2: For Jachimowicz, a Business Result Must Drive Projects
Part 3: Jachimowicz’s Move Through the Ranks at Marriott
Part 4: Self-Improvement Ethic, Leadership Were Key for Jachimowicz

Energy Information
Part 1: Using and Managing Energy Monitoring Data
Part 2: Quick Response to Energy Waste, Quick ROI Among Benefits
Part 3: Bringing Energy Understanding to Occupants, Tenants

FMs Report 2016 Facility Department Staffing Plans

Part 1: Facility Departments Must Cope with Baby Boomer Retirements
Part 2: Retaining Institutional Knowledge, Recruiting New Workers
Part 3: Methods of Training New Facility Workers
Part 4: Adjusting to Younger Workforce
Part 5: Survey: Leading Concerns of Facility Managers

Product Information

Healthcare Leases: Pay Close Attention to Guaranties

Top Products — Energy Optimization