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Current Issue: June 2015
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Metal Systems
Part 1: Learn Basics of Popular Metal Roof and Wall Renovations and Facility Manager’s Role
Part 2: Understanding Metal Reroofing Projects
Part 3: Showcase Products

FM Strategies: Funding for Healthcare Facilities
Part 1: Innovative Funding Sources Provide Upgrades to Healthcare Facilities’ Infrastructures
Part 2: Healthcare Facilities Use PPAs to Fund Infrastructure Improvements

Part 1: 3 Options for Energy Savings in HVAC Systems
Part 2: Understanding Rooftop HVAC Units as an Energy-Saving Option
Part 3: Understanding Geothermal Systems as Energy-Saving Option

Healthcare Facilities
Part 1: How Lean Design, Construction Techniques Trim Healthcare Costs
Part 2: How Lean Construction Practices Can Help Healthcare Facilities
Part 3: Lean Trend for Healthcare Facilities Moves to Building Operations

Critical Facilities
Part 1: Tips on Modernizing High Containment Labs
Part 2: Issues of Airflow, Alarms, Siting in Modernizing Labs
Part 3: Issues Involved in Continuous Containment for BSL3s
Part 4: Role of Commissioning, Verification, and Project Team in Lab Modernization

Critical Facilities
Part 1: Understanding Whether a ‘Critical Operation’ is Really Critical
Part 2: Identifying Levels of Support, Measuring Productivity Loss Help Determine ‘Acceptable Downtime’
Part 3: In Study of Critical Operations, Gap Analysis Examines Operating Time of Redundant Systems
Part 4: 3 Steps Identify Critical Facilities' Downtime Risks

Ask An Expert: Lauren Hodges, Energy Star
Part 1: Degree of Recognition of Energy Star and Portfolio Manager
Part 2: Status of Update to CBECS Database
Part 3: Benchmarking Improves Energy Performance
Part 4: Correcting Misperceptions About Energy Star

Part 1: Understanding the Big Shifts in Power Pricing
Part 2: Biggest Change in Energy Markets Is Natural Gas Pricing
Part 3: Understanding PUC Regulation as a Factor in Utility Rates
Part 4: Location, Consultant, Modeling Can Help Customers Prepare for Utility Price Impacts

Fire Safety
Part 1: Tips on Testing Fire Protection and Life Safety Systems
Part 2: Inspecting, Testing, and Maintaining Fire and Life Safety Systems
Part 3: Commissioning Fire and Life Safety Systems

Training Budgets Survey
Part 1: Training Budgets: FM Survey Offers Benchmarks
Part 2: Survey Reports Benefits of Facility Training

Green Building Report
Part 1: Consider Tax Appetite in Picking Best Financing for Energy Efficiency
Part 2: Performance Risk an Important Factor in Picking Energy-Efficiency Financing
Part 3: Financing Risk Appetite, Technology Choices Also Key in Picking Energy-Efficiency Financing
Part 4: The Focus on Sustainable Electricity Through PEER

Facility Management
Part 1: Understand Causes of Occupant Complaints and Turn Them Into a Positive
Part 2: Lack of Attentiveness, Displaced Frustration Can Fuel Occupant Complaints
Part 3: Categorizing the Types of Complainers Organizations Encounter
Part 4: Some Keys to Providing Good Facility Customer Service
Part 5: Make Complainer Part of the Solution and Provide Feedback
Part 6: Complaints Offer Insight, but Shouldn’t Dictate Organization’s Strategic Direction
Part 7: Apologies, Problem-Solving Can Help Assuage Occupant Complaints
Part 8: 3 Ways to Reduce Customer Complaints

Product Gallery

Part 1: Getting the Most Out of a Building Controls Upgrade
Part 2: Timing, Human Factors Are Key in Building Control Upgrades
Part 3: 2 Approaches to Building Controls Upgrade Projects

Air Cycle