Current Issue: September 2014
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Part 1: Cost Savings From Variable Only, Primary Flow Chilled Water Pumping
Part 2: Design Challenges For Variable Primary Flow Chilled Water Pumping

Energy Costs
Part 1: Electric Bills May Rise With New Regulations On Coal-Fired Power Plants
Part 2: How Will Electric Utilities Respond To New Rules On Carbon Emissions?
Part 3: Electricity-Price Impact Of New Carbon Emission Rules Will Vary
Part 4: Look Closely: Will New Regulations Will Affect Your Electric Power Pricing?
Part 5: How To Soften Electric Rate Increases From New Rules On Coal Plant Emissions

Green Building Report
Part 1: How Energy Benchmarking Ordinances Can Help Facility Managers Save Money
Part 2: Understanding Energy Benchmarking Ordinances
Part 3: Strategies To Reduce Operating Costs Using Energy Benchmarks
Part 4: Energy Benchmarking Is First Step To Savings For Chicago High Rise
Part 5: New Operations and Maintenance Credits in LEED v4

Smart Buildings
Part 1: What Does “Intelligent Building” Mean Today?
Part 2: Taking The First Steps Toward Intelligent Buildings
Part 3: How To Develop Realistic Smart-Building Goals And Timeline
Part 4: Tips For Designing And Implementing A Smart Building System
Part 5: Pick Low-Hanging Fruit To Make An Existing Building Smarter

FM Pulse and Salary Survey
Part 1: How Facility Managers Handle Increasing Workload, Shrinking Budget, Staff
Part 2: In-house Or Outsource? Facility Departments Evaluate Staffing Balance
Part 3: Technology Helps Facility Managers Do More With Less
Part 4: Facility Strategies To Handle More Work With Fewer Resources
Part 5: Survey: Facility Management Salaries
Part 6: Survey: Facility Management Outsourcing, Retirement, Satisfaction Results
Part 7: Survey: 2015 Facility Capital And Operating Budget Plans
Part 8: Survey: 2015 Facility Department Staffing Plans

Cover Story
Part 1: GM's FM Coach: Mari Kay Scott
Part 2: Achieving Economic Efficiencies At General Motors Facilities
Part 3: Toolkit Of Leadership Skills For Facilities Managers

Part 1: Winterizing The Roof: Best Practices
Part 2: Your Roof: What To Do Before Winter
Part 3: Snow, Ice, Cold Can Damage Roof Shingles, Membranes

FM Strategies: Data Center Cooling
Part 1: Out Of Data Center Cooling Capacity? Take A Closer Look At Airflow
Part 2: Weigh Risks And Alternatives Before Increasing Data Center Cooling Capacity

Gallery: New Products

Ask An Expert: Josh Jacobs, Green Certifications
Part 1: Third-Party Green Certifications Still a Critical Part of Product Selection
Part 2: Stringent and Science-Based Third-Party Certifications
Part 3: Green Certifications Support Green Building Rating Systems
Part 4: Advances in Product Standards and Green Certifications

Fire/Life Safety
Part 1: Turn Building Occupants Into Allies For Emergency Response
Part 2: How Floor Wardens Aid In Emergency Evacuations
Part 3: Crisis Coordinators Play Role In Emergencies, Including Aiding Evacuation Of People With Disabilities
Part 4: Tips For Conducting Emergency Evacuation Drills
Part 5: Using Elevators To Evacuate People With Disabilities, Other Occupants
Part 6: Product Showcase: Fire/Life Safety

Project: AETNA Building
Aetna Building in Phoenix Earns LEED Silver

Innovative Products: Lighting

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