Current Issue: April 2014
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FM Strategies: Open Floor Plan
The Complicated Question of Open Floor Office Plans

Project: Extension Center, Leon County, Fla.
Part 1: Net-Zero Building Saves More Than Energy For Leon County, Fla.
Part 2: How Rainwater From Roof Is Captured, Reused By Leon County Sustainable Demonstration Building

Ask An Expert: Becky Fedak, Water Efficiency
Part 1: How To Determine How Water Is Used, and How Water Is Being Wasted
Part 2: Less Obvious Systems To Consider in Pursuing Water Efficiency
Part 3: Net-Zero Water: Is It Realistic?
Part 4: Barriers To Water Efficiency

Cover Story: Through A Patient's Eyes
Part 1: How Healthcare Facilities Can Improve Patient Satisfaction
Part 2: New York Presbyterian's FACE Program Is Designed To Upgrade Facilities, Increase Patient Satisfaction
Part 3: Coordinate Interior Enhancement Program With Interior Guidelines To Maximize Patient Satisfaction Benefit
Part 4: External Aspects Of Healthcare Facilities Play Big Role In First Impression
Part 5: Parking Garage Experience Often Sets Patients' First Impression Of Healthcare Facilities

Security: Emergency Plans Merge With Technology
Part 1: Pay Close Attention To Emergency Preparedness Plan When Specifying Fire/Life Safety Technology
Part 2: Assess Current Technology, Expected Future Needs To Develop Good Fire/Life Safety Technology Plan

Building Envelope
Part 1: Finding Value in Building Enclosure Commissioning
Part 2: Building Enclosure Commissioning During Pre-Design And Design Phases
Part 3: Building Enclosure Commissioning During Construction Phase

Acoustics: LEED v4 Tunes Up Acoustic Performance
Part 1: LEED v4 Offers More Stringent Acoustical Standards
Part 2: LEED v4 Tackles Acoustics With New Noise Control Pilot Credit, Expanded Acoustic Performance Credits
Part 3: LEED v4 Expands Acoustic Performance In Multiple Areas

Close-Up: Elevators
Part 1: Preventive Maintenance Helps Keep Elevator Costs Downs, Prevents Premature Modernization
Part 2: Preventive Maintenance For Elevators Must Include Motor, Brakes, Drive
Part 3: Destination Dispatch, Closed-Loop Door Systems, Machine-room-less Elevators Are Driving Vertical Transportation Trends

Gallery: New Products

Innovative Products
Innovative Products: Roofing

Close-Up: Daylighting
Part 1: Use Ongoing Monitoring To Get The Most Out Of Daylighting
Part 2: Controls Are Critical To Daylighting Energy Savings
Part 3: Keep Need For Future Changes In Mind When Setting Up Daylighting Systems

Showcase: Building Controls
Part 1: Keep Big Picture In Mind To Ease Challenges Of BAS Upgrades
Part 2: Front-End Interface Is Building Block Of Successful BAS Upgrade
Part 3: Maintenance, Commissioning Keep BAS Going Strong
Part 4: Showcase Products: Building Controls

Energy Costs: Balancing The Energy Equation
Part 1: Energy Master Plan Can Help Manage Costs On Demand Side, Supply Side
Part 2: Demand Side Management Helps Cut Energy Consumption, Costs
Part 3: Retrocommissioning Is Often Overlooked Way To Manage Energy Costs

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