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Current Issue: October 2015
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1) COVER PACKAGE: Building Internet of Things
Part 1: IoT Is Next Step for Facilities, but Understanding and Trust Must Catch Up
Part 2: Benefits to Facility Managers of IoT Capability, Sensors
Part 3: How Building IoT Offers Accountability to Occupants
Part 4: Making Facilities Ready to Optimize IoT for Tenants

2) COVER PACKAGE: Building Internet of Things
Part 1: Building IoT Builds on Systems, Tools, Already in Use
Part 2: With IoT, IP Addressable Components Are Key to Data Extraction

3) COVER PACKAGE: Building Internet of Things
Part 1: PNC Tower Uses Cutting Edge Building Systems but Runs on the Basics
Part 2: Cleveland Clinic Happily Takes IoT Connectivity to Extremes
Part 3: Data Plays Important Role at U.S. Institute of Peace Building

4) COVER PACKAGE: Building Internet of Things
Part 1: For Facility Managers, Internet of Things Changes the Game
Part 2: IoT Facility Applications Engage Issues Like Resilience, Staffing, Analytics

Building Internet of Things
Part 1: Value of Internet of Things to Green Buildings
Part 2: IoT Lighting Controls Taking the Lead in Efficient, Green Applications
Part 3: Complexity of Commercial Buildings a Challenge to IoT Applications
Part 4: Big Future Predicted for IoT, but a Simple Definition Is Elusive

Building Internet of Things
Part 1: How Internet of Things Is Automating Demand Response Programs
Part 2: How Automated Demand Response (ADR) Works in Power Utilization
Part 3: How OpenADR Standard Aims to Help with Automated Demand Response

Healthcare Restrooms
Part 1: Healthcare Restrooms Experiment with New Designs, Approaches, Materials
Part 2: Universal Design Restrooms Avoid Tripping Hazard, Bacteria Seam
Part 3: Location of Patient Restrooms Has Pros and Cons

Part 1: Security Vulnerabilities Exposed in Facilities
Part 2: ‘Penny-Wise and Pound-Foolish’: What Corporation Learned in Using Risk Assessment
Part 3: Organization Hurt by Poorly Maintained Technology, Untrained Staff
Part 4: Security Measures Must be Designed for the Specific Problems

Design and Construction
Part 1: Benefits of Office Design for Employee Performance
Part 2: Achieving Thermal Comfort with Office Design
Part 3: Role of Furniture in Work Environment
Part 4: Internet of Things May Play Role in Office Comfort, Savings

Energy Efficiency
Part 1: Energy Upgrades Begin with Careful Planning, Knowledge of Equipment and Building Design
Part 2: Role of Measurement and Verification in Energy Upgrade
Part 3: Communication Is Key in Energy Upgrade

Greenbuild 2015 Heads to Washington, D.C., May Be Biggest Yet

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