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Greg Zimmerman
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Feature - Customer Service FM Perspective: Bringing Your "A" Game to Customer ServiceExpertise is great, but perhaps the most important skill to success as a facility manager is great customer service and communication with occupants. Here's one FM's take.
Feature - Healthcare Staffing The Importance of Full-Time Facilities Employees During the PandemicHow many full-time facilities employees should healthcare facilities departments staff? Here are some tips and advice on gauging the right level of staffing during the pandemic.
Feature - Legacy Data Centers How to Do Asset Management for Legacy Data CentersPreventative maintenance and procedure documentation are keys to improving efficiencies and reducing costs.
Feature - HVAC How to Plan HVAC Systems for Long-Term PerformanceFacility managers must have a seat at the table during HVAC design to ensure facility HVAC decisions including operations and maintenance considerations.
Feature - Power and Cooling 6 Tips to Prevent Electrical Switchgear DowntimePrevent common problems, avoid costly issues. Here are six strategies for avoiding electrical switchgear downtime.
Feature - Security 8 Principles of Crisis Architecture Can Help Mitigate Active ShootersA facility itself can’t stop an active shooter attack, but it can help occupants survive one. Here's how.
Feature - Coronavirus Preparedness 5 Steps Buildings Should Take to Prevent Coronavirus SpreadWhat can actually be changed regarding HVAC and building design to help reduce the spread of COVID-19? Here are five specific steps.
Feature - USGBC Perspective A Sustainable Future Must Also Be A More Equitable OneUSGBC will focus on three essential pillars of social equity: Governance, affordability/economic empowerment, and equitable access.
Feature - Evaluating Technology How to Realize the Promise of a Smart BuildingLeaders need an integrated, organizational-wide adoption and deployment model.
Feature - Germicidal Lighting What to Know about Germicidal Lighting and Coronavirus It's the wild west of germicidal lighting right now. And though fighting pathogens like coronavirus with lighting is not new, it's still tricky.