2017 honorees will be recognized at the NFMT Conference in Baltimore in March 2017.


September 30, 2016


Early Bird Deadline:
Get your application in by September 30, and we'll review your application to see how it might be improved. If we think that you could boost your chances of gaining FMXcellence recognition by providing more complete information, we'll let you know what specific information would strengthen your application. It's not a guarantee that you will gain FMXcellence honors, of course, but it could make the difference.

October 21, 2016


Final Deadline:
If you can't get your application in by the early bird deadline, we understand. All applications received by October 21 will receive full consideration from the judges.


March 7, 2017


2017 honorees will be celebrated at the NFMT Conference in Baltimore.


If you have any questions, drop me a note: edward.sullivan@tradepress.com. Or call me at 414-228-7701, ext. 451.

I look forward to seeing your application.

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Click here to make sure you are eligible to enter. All applications must be submitted by the in-house facility department.