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Building Automation Platform Targets Improved Efficiency

Site 1001, Inc., developer of the AI-based Skylight Building Performance and Operations Platform (Skylight), has announced its first applications solution designed for the platform, Skylight FM. The new system is a smart facilities management suite that taps the Skylight platform’s AI and machine learning systems to profile the operating behavior of a building and help staff work more efficiently and the building run more efficiently all while preventing failures and outages caused by symptoms that would have gone undetected.

Skylight also has a smart voice assistant named “Carl” who can interact with users via natural language.

“We chose to release Skylight FM as our first application suite on the Skylight platform because facilities management is so often overlooked when it comes to maintaining building performance,” said Cleve Adams, CEO of Site 1001. “Over 50% of the cost of a building’s operation is in maintenance and personnel, so delivering tools that help staffers be more efficient and stay alert to issues that can quickly turn into expensive problems is critical to keeping those costs down and the property’s value up,” he said.

Key to Skylight FM is the Skylight platform’s purpose-built big data for buildings repository known as “Place Data.” Place Data is made by bringing together virtually every piece of information about a building and its environment into a single pool. Data sets include documentation such as floorplans, drawings and O&M manuals, live feeds from major building systems, IoT devices and sensors, external information such as environmental and financial data, and most importantly, people-generated information like service requests, work orders, and occupant comments. Once this data is brought together, the intelligent systems within Skylight can begin profiling a building’s operation and put the results to use via lightweight apps that do everything from smart work scheduling to automatically adjusting a structure’s operating profile based on the weather. Other apps let the building interact with its occupants and bring attention to issues like water leaks that might otherwise go unnoticed in their early stages.

“Commercial Real Estate is a sector that still hasn’t recognized the value of being able to easily share data among people and software applications,” Adams said. “Skylight’s Place Data finally un-silos all that information so everyone responsible for a building’s operational and financial health can work smarter, uncover new insights and make better decisions,” he said.

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