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Graphic Wraps Aim To Enhance Aesthetics

DuPont Electronics & Imaging is proud to continue its commitment to innovation with the launch of a new formulation for Clear DuPont Tedlar film for a variety of indoor and outdoor graphics and signage applications. This new film is designed for indoor and outdoor durability with extreme UV protection and cleanability to help remove common graffiti, stickers and other debris. Even the harshest chemical cleaners won’t damage the film.

“Our new Clear DuPont Tedlar film raises the bar for durability in real-world applications from building murals to traffic box wraps to business installations, as well as outdoor billboards and signage,” said Chris Marino, Global Marketing Leader for DuPont Advanced Materials. “We are constantly innovating and are excited to offer this new product that will save customers time and money on cleaning and maintenance, reduce costly replacements and provide a long-lasting dynamic impression for brands.”

DuPont’s global partners agree. “General Formulations is excited to see this new product available to the marketplace. This Clear Tedlar Film is hands-down a leading laminate solution for graffiti resistance and UV resistance,” said Matt Edwards, Product Manager. “We are delighted to have this new film available and confident it will continue to exceed our customers’ expectations for quality, UV protection and cleanability.”

Durability and quality are key factors for many customers considering large permanent or semi-permanent installations in their business or community. A case in point, last year one of the largest installations including Clear DuPont Tedlar was completed for the new Buffalo Children’s Hospital in New York.

“VSP Graphic Group collaborated with The Martin Group and Kaleida Health on a large 12 floor art installation to inspire children and their families,” said Josh Szary, Director of Sales and Marketing for VSP. “After careful consideration, it was the anti-graffiti, resistance to mold and mildew, satin finish and second-to-none durability of Tedlar that made it the best option for a medical environment like this,” Szary added. “Children, families, the client and the designers are thrilled with the outcome.”

For outdoor installations, its exceptional ultraviolet light (UV) performance allows this new film to protect underlying colors and graphics, and last up to 10 years in a field setting with minimal changes to gloss or delamination - protecting a customer’s investment.

TrafficWrapz is a company that exclusively focuses on beautification and projects to insert art into public places. They recently teamed up with Puget Sound Energy on a new program called ARTility, which brings local art and awareness by using TrafficWrapz systems on their electric transformer cabinets. The application of colorful designs created by local artists are dynamic, colorful, clean energy themed and reflect the surrounding environment and passions of the community.

TrafficWrapz uses a variation of Clear DuPont Tedlar for their city beautification projects. This makes outdoor utility boxes more appealing and protects them from graffiti and harsh environmental elements. “We've teamed up with DuPont for years during R&D of this product to create our own patented application for installation that brings everlasting durability and beauty to cities and municipalities across North America," said Daniel Gittere, TrafficWrapz Co-Founder.

Whether indoor or outdoor, the protections that Clear DuPont Tedlar provides make it the film of choice for signage and graphics applications.

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