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Daylighting and Occupant Comfort

Daylighting huge spaces such as convention centers, sports arenas, airport concourses, warehouses and manufacturing facilities presents a unique challenge. Now there is a product line ideal for commercial projects with floor-to-diffuser heights of 26 feet and higher: Solatube SkyVault Series M74 DS.

The modular product line comes with a variety of options to provide flexible daylighting solutions for a wide variety of building types. The line includes Solatube SkyVault Series M74 DS Core Unit, Solatube SkyVault Series M74 DS with Amplifier and Solatube SkyVault Series M74 DS with Collector. The Core Unit can be used alone or coupled with the Amplifier or Collector, or both.

“For example, if I want to daylight a manufacturing facility where workers perform tasks requiring a high level of detail, I would add the Amplifier to the SkyVault Series Core Unit, which would focus daylight to those specific task areas,” said Dr. Neall Digert, Solatube International vice president of international market development. “If the building was an airport concourse, I would couple the Collector with the Core Unit to give the area the most amount of daylight possible.”

Solatube SkyVault Series M74 DS Core Unit

The largest tubular daylighting device ever:

  • A 29-inch diameter (74 cm) opening to the sky, making it possible for more light to enter an area
  • More daylight means higher daytime illuminance and/or greater spacing between units resulting in fewer roof penetrations
  • Maximum output while minimizing impact on the building envelope and significantly reducing installation costs
  • Temperature control with insulated and sealed curb-mounted roof assemblies that minimize heat gain/heat loss through the roof (dual dome option improves thermal efficiency even more) and which are designed to easily integrate into a building’s vapor barrier
  • Reduces glare and minimizes traveling hot spots below that are common with traditional skylights

Solatube SkyVault Series M74 DS with Amplifier

Precision daylighting for task-oriented areas:

  • An extension to the company’s high output SkyVault Series line
  • Daylight that often gets lost above the occupants’ heads rather is efficiently delivered to the critical task areas below
  • Improves daylight delivery in high bay and high ceiling commercial applications
  • Allows designers to focus light onto the task plane below
  • Allows daylighting to be installed in much higher ceilings than have ever been possible before
  • Features 36 highly reflective facets made of proprietary Spectralight® Infinity material
  • Reorients daylight so it strikes the diffuser at a steeper, straighter angle
  • Allows the diffuser to efficiently transfer the light directly to the occupied space below, providing an abundance of focused daylight with minimal light loss
  • Results in a daylighting system that increases optical efficiency and control

Solatube SkyVault Series M74 DS with Collector

Vast amounts of daylight for huge spaces:

  • An extension to the company’s high output SkyVault Series line
  • Provides daylighting to high bay/high ceiling spaces that require massive amounts of natural light
  • Eliminates the need to supplement with electric lighting
  • The first commercial daylighting system to employ a specially designed vertical lens that boosts light output under marginal conditions
  • Captures low-angle daylight that would normally bypass a traditional skylight
  • Boosts daylight delivery when light levels are at their lowest, during early mornings, late afternoons and winter months
  • Built-in LightTracker with Cool Tube Technology also minimizes solar heat gain by keeping infrared rays from entering the building
  • Features patented Raybender Technology, intercepting light as it passes through the dome and drives it down into the tubing, allowing the system to capture more light for greater output

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