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Dan Weltin
Editor-in-Chief, Facility Market

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Greg Zimmerman
Editor, FacilitiesNet.com

Dan Hounsell

Dan Hounsell
Editor, Facility Maintenance Decisions


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Feature - Editorial Life, Death and the Case for AEDs in FacilitiesManagers and building owners face tough choices on the best ways to allocate budgets and resources in their facilities.
Feature - Drain Cleaning Strategies and Tactics to Keep Pipes FlowingFestus School District takes a three-pronged approach to reduce blockages and remove drain clogs quickly.
Feature - Fire Safety Fire Resistance: The Forgotten ProtectorMaintaining structural fire resistance and effective compartmentation in buildings helps assure they work when called upon during a fire.
Feature - IAQ 3 Cost-Effective Ways to Improve School Indoor Air Quality This WinterThe Healthy Green Schools & Colleges standard provides a framework facility managers can take to improve the sustainability and IAQ on their campuses.
Feature - Editorial Facilities Management: A Journey with Many PathsThere is no straight line into or through this profession.
Feature - HVAC  Building Automation Services: Challenges, Benefits and OpportunitiesBuilding automation systems are vital to keeping facilities running efficiently, but how well do managers understand them?
Feature - Career Path Insights from a Career in Grounds ManagementGerald Dobbs discusses the accomplishments and challenges that have been important elements of his career in grounds management.
Feature - Grounds Care Mower Decisions: The Role of Safety and ErgonomicsOperator safety and comfort can enhance productivity and extend the performance lives of mowers and utility vehicles
Cover Story - Lighting 405nm Lighting Prevents Spread of Infection in High School Chelsea High School Adds 405nm Lights to expansion project to benefit student and occupant health.
Feature - Management Insight The Great Return to the Office: The Manager’s Role in Creating the Optimal WorkplacePrior to the pandemic, employees asking for flexibility usually meant working from home. As we now realize, flexibility is more than that.