The Role of Facilities Managers in Active Shooter Scenarios

Preparation and training are crucial for preventing fatal outcomes with active shooters.   June 17, 2024

By Jeff Wardon, Jr., Assistant Editor

When the unthinkable happens, facilities managers must be prepared to act quickly and rationally to promptly address the situation. One of these dire scenarios involves active shooters, which can turn deadly in a hurry. 

In this video, Facilities Net interviews Glenn Norling, executive director of the community of experts at the Active Shooter Prevention Project, about what facilities managers can do to prepare their occupants for active shooters and how they can prevent such situations. 

One area to focus on is proper training, whether that be done through active drills or tabletop exercises. Facilities managers must have a plan in place for active shooter scenarios, and they also must train their staff on said plan regularly. That way staff are ready to respond and protect themselves or other occupants. 

Key Takeaways from this Video: 

  • Facilities managers play a vital role in preparing their staff and occupants (0:43) 
  • Instilling a culture of safety and security is key (2:01) 
  • Recognize that facilities managers and other staff are on their own for a period, so be prepared for that reality (3:25) 

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