LED Parking Upgrades Project to Save $375K

  July 21, 2016

By Dave Lubach

Many maintenance and engineering managers are turning to LED lighting for parking garages in institutional and commercial facilities because of their long lifespan and massive energy savings.

The city of Birmingham, Ala., is a recent convert to LED, announcing an upgrade project for seven downtown parking garages — a total of 4,500 fixtures. The deal with Philips Lighting includes installation of Gardco EcoForm LEDs, G3 LED garage luminaires and DW Vaporlume LEDs. The fixtures are all wirelessly connected to modify length of use and sensitivity of the lights.

The Mall of America retrofits its parking garage with LEDs

The retrofit includes new motion detection sensor technology which turns up the lights when there is motion in the garage and keeps them turned down when no motion is detected. The sensors also help with security in reducing loitering time. The retrofits project to save the city $375,000 annually in maintenance and energy costs.

“By continuing to expand the benefits of LED lighting across our streets, highways, and parks and neighborhoods, Birmingham is leading the way, not only to real energy and cost savings, but improving the quality of life provided to our residents and local businesses,” says Mayor William Bell. “The economic, cultural, and social impact of this project is just the start of Birmingham’s opportunity to reach its full potential as a best-in-class city.”

This quick read was submitted by Dave Lubach, associate editor for Facility Maintenance Decisions. Reach him at dave.lubach@tradepress.com.


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