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Lighting Control - Lutron Electronics Co. Inc. - Facility Management Product Release

Lighting Control: Lutron Electronics Co. Inc.

Lutron Electronics Co. Inc.
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Ecosystem fluorescent lighting control products allow each device to listen, think, decide and remember. Products include fluorescent dimming ballasts, sensors and controls. The system’s ballast (pictured) connects directly to photocells, infrared receivers, occupant sensors and wallstations without interfaces, power packs or controllers. The ballast interprets data collected by the sensors and wallstations, adjusts light levels accordingly and then transmits the information to other ballasts.

Both the structure and versatility of the system remain intact as the system grows from one ballast to several. Connect up to 64 EcoSystem ballasts and a bus supply together on a simple two-wire communication chain to create a lighting ecosystem. Construct a larger system by connecting multiple 64-ballast loops. Within this lighting control system, any sensor or wallstation connected to an EcoSystem ballast can speak to any or all of the other ballasts on the loop.


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posted: 12/11/2006