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T5 vs. Metal Halide: Finding The Energy Savings

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Metal halide lamps are a fixture in industrial and warehouse space. But today, a number of lighting systems offer alternatives that can slash energy costs. T5 lighting systems are one example.

Delivering high-lumen output, new T5 HO (high output) and T5 VHO (very high output) fluorescent lamps provide an energy-efficient option for a variety of industrial and high-bay applications previously dominated by metal halide technology.

The smaller diameter of T5 lamps contributes to overall luminaire efficiency. Here's how T5 vs. metal halide lamps break down: Compared to 400-watt universally mounted metal halide lamps, T5 VHO lamps can save up to 40 system watts per fixture and deliver as much as 75 percent longer lamp life. Maintenance and relamping costs can be reduced as well, experts say.

What’s more, T5 systems can bring other bottom-line benefits. A 400-w standard MH system mounted on 20-foot centers meets the ASHRAE 90.1-2001 standard of 1.2 w/sf, calculating to 1.15 w/sf. Replacement with four-lamp T5 HO fixtures comes out to 0.59 w/sf, a reduction large enough to qualify for tax deductions under the Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPAct).

Amalgam technology helps these systems deliver greater light output over a wider temperature range. The systems are optimal for applications such as unconditioned warehouses, shop floors, factories and big box retailers.

T5 systems provide white light without color shift, as well as the benefit of controllability through dimmers or occupancy sensors, according to lighting experts. What's more, the applications for T5 HO and T5 VHO lamps are rapidly expanding.

T5 systems give industrial users the best of both worlds — the long life and energy-efficient benefits that fluorescent technology has to offer with no sacrifice in light output.



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