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LED Troffers Offer Dimming and Motion-Sensing Capability - Forest Lighting - Facility Management Product Release

LED Troffers Offer Dimming and Motion-Sensing Capability: Forest Lighting

Forest Lighting
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Forest Lighting, a global leader in LED lighting products, has announced new features for its family of LED lighting troffers. Both the 2-by-2 feet and 2-by-4 foot’ models now offer dimming and motion-sensing capability, making them compatible with modern lighting control systems in offices, schools, and retail settings.

“Our LED lighting products are inherently energy-saving, and now dimming and motion-sensing will increase the appeal to building owners and facility managers who are demanding more control over building systems,” says Jian Ni, Forest Lighting’s Chief Operating Officer. “Customers have responded well to the architectural design which provides excellent light-on-task, and installers say they are easy to retrofit.”

Forest Lighting LED Troffers are deliver more than 100 lumens per watt. Color temperatures range from 3, 500 Kelvin (K) to 5, 000 K. The rated life is 50,000 hours, and the warranty is seven years. UL Listed and DLC Certified.


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posted: 5/12/2016