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LED High-Bay Raises Lumens Per Watt Standard - Orion Energy Systems - Facility Management Product Release

LED High-Bay Raises Lumens Per Watt Standard: Orion Energy Systems

Orion Energy Systems
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Orion Energy Systems, Inc., eclipsed the 200 lumens per watt (LPW) barrier with the third generation ISON Class LED High Bay fixture (HBIF3) that now delivers over 214 LPW. The third generation ISON Class High Bay is the highest performing LED high bay fixture in the industry and increases the performance gap over any of Orion’s competition.

“We are extremely proud of this achievement,” said John Scribante, chief executive officer of Orion Energy Systems. “Until now, designing an LED high bay fixture that reached 200 lumens per watt had been considered unattainable by the lighting industry and Orion is the first to surpass that barrier at 214 LPW. We are seeing the result of our investments in new product development, including the recruitment of the industry’s most talented engineers and designers, and the opening of our innovation hub in the city of Chicago,” Scribante continued. “Today, we can say with confidence that anyone buying a competitor’s LED high bay product is wasting energy unnecessarily and paying way too much on their electric bill.”

The ISON Class Gen III High Bay will consume approximately 42% less energy than the average competitor’s LED high bay fixture, therefore reducing Orion’s customers’ utility bills by 42% more than the average competitor’s LED high bay fixture.

When replacing legacy HID products, the savings can be up to 83%. When replacing fluorescent products, the savings can be up to 66%. For example, a typical facility installing 1,000 of the ISON Class Gen III High Bays would save over $250,000 a year and more than $2,500,000 in the next decade over the inefficient HID lighting found in the majority of industrial applications.

These increased efficiencies open entirely new markets for Orion, particularly for those facilities that have shorter hours of operation, lower utility rates, or are replacing fluorescent technology that is already more efficient than HID technology. Also, because of the modularity of the entire ISON LED High Bay suite of products, the prior generation Gen 2 ISON High Bay fixture that companies have installed in the past is now upgradable to the 214 LPW efficiency, which provides existing Gen 2 ISON High Bay customers with the opportunity to further enhance their investment in their lighting platform. No other LED high bay lighting fixture in the lighting industry has a lower ten year cost of ownership than the third generation Orion ISON Class High Bay.


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posted: 10/19/2016