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Gateway - Schneider Electric - Facility Management Product Release

Gateway: Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric
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The Square D Clipsal two-channel digital addressable lighting interface (DALI) gateway provides the ability to control DALI ballasts via a lighting control network. The ballasts provide individual lighting control, maintain uniform lighting levels and dims lighting levels to as low as 1 percent.

The gateway provides an isolated two-way communications path between a lighting-control system and the ballasts. It is compatible with Square D Clipsal keypads, touch screens and occupancy sensors, along with the Square D Powerlink NF3000G3C web-enabled lighting-control module, and features standard RJ-45 lighting-control network connectors. LEDs show the status of data transmissions and the unit’s power.

The gateway weighs 46 ounces, and features a DIN format for mounting in control cabinets. The unit's non-volatile memory stores operating status for seamless recovery after a power outage.


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posted: 2/15/2007