How To Know Whether To Repair or Replace Windows

  November 6, 2009

Today’s tip is about things to consider when trying to figure out whether you need new windows.

Ask yourself if the existing window system is structurally adequate and does it accommodate building movements and structural loadings? If not, it’s probably time for a replacement. Also, is the system effective at controlling water leakage and moisture migration? Is the system effective in resisting unwanted air infiltration and condensation? If no is the answer to either of those, start doing some window shopping.

Determine whether a discovered problem is occurring in more than one window. If the problem isn’t widespread, it may be possible to address problems on a window-by-window basis. Similarly, find out if any problems might actually be with the adjacent wall system, and not really the window at all.

In general, if the condition of the windows or the peripheral elements like the frame, sash, glazing, hardware, weather stripping, sealants, and exterior paint or other surface coatings are deteriorating, replacement will be necessary. If you’re thinking about repairs, make sure to get a good estimate and determine if the cost of repairs approaches the cost of replacement. If it does, then replacement makes much more sense than repairs.


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