Sprinkler System Maintenance Steps

  November 4, 2009

The time to find out there’s something wrong with your facility’s sprinkler system is not during a fire. Proper maintenance of the sprinkler system is of course the prudent course of action.

The first level of maintenance is inspection. This is a visual check to make sure the system’s components are in proper operating condition. It includes regularly checking that the valves are open, looking for pipe corrosion and leaks, and checking for hangers that have come loose and sprinkler heads that have been obstructed by dirt or dust.

The next, more involved level, is testing. This may mean opening a valve to check the water flow, or removing a sprinkler from the system and sending it to a lab to test its effectiveness. Another test is the "main drain" test, done to ensure an adequate water supply.

Many facility executives can handle much of the daily and weekly maintenance and inspection activities, such as checking the pressure of a gauge, with their own employees. However, actually testing the system usually requires the services of a licensed professional.


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