Outsourcing in the Data Center

  November 2, 2009

In the data center, outsourcing has long been used to meet staffing needs. As the pool of qualified facility staff shrinks, even organizations that hadn’t outsourced in the past are doing so now.

For one, outsourcing protects companies from training people and have those employees lured away to other companies. The subject matter expertise stays with the outsourced provider instead of residing in one person.

To further protect the interest of the company, consider writing language in to the contract with the service provider that prevents them from moving key personnel, such as the account manager, without your permission.

That focus on people is an important part of the process of selecting an outsourced provider. For example, one facility executive expects the proposed onsite account manager and his or her team to lead the sales presentation to his firm. This way, he can get an immediate sense of how much research they did and how well they can communicate.


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