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Recognizing Best-in-Class FM products

The Vision Awards honor innovation and excellence in products that contribute to the efficient and profitable operations and management of institutional and commercial buildings in the United States. The awards provide a stage for winning facilities industry suppliers to showcase their products to more than 200,000 facility executives.


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Winners in Exteriors


Drone-enabled facility inspection services

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EagleHawk is the market leader in drone-enabled inspections for large-scale facilities, specializing in using drones and thermal imaging technology to find issues that are often not visibly apparent. Our inspections quickly uncover unknown issues affecting roofs, building facades, district energy systems, solar panels, and more.

Our solution is safer, faster and more affordable than traditional inspection methods. We can inspect more than 100 buildings in a single day, enabling facility managers to make maintenance and capital planning decisions based on the actual condition of their facilities and saving thousands of dollars in unplanned energy waste, ineffective repairs and unnecessary replacements.

EagleHawk has inspected thousands of commercial buildings for hundreds of clients all across the US, including governments and municipalities, colleges and universities, medical institutions, large retail developments, sports facilities and property management companies. Much of our business comes from referrals from existing clients, so we work hard to ensure that we are exceeding their expectations.

We are constantly working to develop and adapt new technologies to solve facility management problems. We are currently building a GIS software platform, powered by artificial intelligence, which will streamline the inspection process and help our clients more effectively leverage inspection data.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we engineered a safe, effective and efficient process for disinfecting large-scale indoor and outdoor areas, such as stadiums, arenas, ballparks and other similar venues of large public assembly. As facility management needs continue to change, we will continue to develop novel solutions to meet those needs.

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Trex Commercial Products

Ascent Glass Windscreen

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Ascent marks Trex Commercial Products' bold entry into the windscreen market. This easy-to-install, post-supported glass system takes commercial-design possibilities to new heights by delivering unparalleled wind protection that elevates the outdoor environment and experience for building tenants.

Featuring 1/2-inch laminated glass with aluminum posts and steel stanchions, Ascent is an ideal solution for protecting outdoor pools, dining areas, balconies and terraces at virtually any elevation. Its innovative design exceeds industry standards and surpasses the performance of other commercial windscreen offerings. While most systems are capable of handling 10 psf wind loads, Ascent is designed for eight times that amount, with a qualified wind load of up to 80 psf. This increased protection allows for applications at much higher altitudes.

Innovative snap-fit aluminum posts make for quick, safe and easy assembly. Unlike traditional glass windscreens that require installers to lift large panes of glass and slide them in from the top of the post system, Ascent glass panels are installed from the front. This approach significantly reduces installation time and helps to keep projects on track and within budget.

At a standard height of 6 feet, Ascent provides effective coverage for furniture and tenants; however, the product's height is completely customizable to complement any project specifications and setting.

Ascent has elevated the category with a solution that delivers a premium aesthetic, exceeds industry standards, accommodates heightened applications and is easy to install. It makes outdoor areas more useful and enjoyable by providing protection while optimizing views.

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Product Image


Emerald Rain Refresh

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Emerald Rain Refresh Exterior Acrylic Latex with Self-Cleaning Technology is an innovative coating designed to be self-cleaning by shedding dirt upon contact with rain or water, giving professionals a simple and convenient solution to maintain clean exteriors.

Exterior painting can be a time-consuming task, and typically requires constant maintenance against outdoor elements but Emerald Rain Refresh easily washes away dirt to make upkeep easier. The technology in Emerald Rain Refresh helps facility managers maintain a freshly painted look all year long, increasing curb appeal for their customers and saving time and money in the maintenance process.

Sherwin-Williams successfully leveraged the Self-Cleaning Technology developed in Loxon Self-Cleaning Acrylic Coating and applied it to the latest addition to the best-in-class Emerald product line — Emerald Rain Refresh. The coating has optimal application properties, simplifying the painting process for all experience levels while making it suitable for most exterior surfaces, including wood, masonry and concrete.

With UV and weather-resistant qualities, Emerald Rain Refresh is designed to reduce common exterior coating issues, such as blistering and peeling, and its self-priming application helps save time during the painting process. In addition, Emerald Rain Refresh has the ability to be tinted in VinylSafe paint colors, allowing customers to select from a limited number of darker colors formulated to resist warping or buckling.

A video that showcases the self-cleaning technology can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uVTzzD4zC8o

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Winners in FM Building Services/Tools


Engineering Cart

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FlexCart is the only maintenance cart line that was developed from the ground up to precisely meet the needs of working facilities engineers.

It was two years in development with the help of three large facilities companies. More than 50 maintenance professionals at eight different locations were involved in its design, testing and evaluation.

We only considered FlexCart's design to be complete when all 50 people evaluating it agreed that it solve every problem they had expressed.

Now after several years of production thousands of FlexCart's are now in use across North America in all types of facilities including hospitals, commercial buildings, hotels and others.

Every respondent to two separate surveys of our customers said that they were highly satisfied with their FlexCarts and would strongly recommend them to others.

Incredibly, not even one negative comment was received in either survey. FlexCart is a truly unique and innovative product that should be well qualified for consideration of a Vision award.

Thank you and please visit our website at www.flexcartllc.com

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Engineering Cart

Monnit Corp.

ALTA Wireless Water Detection Puck

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Encapsulated in a vulcanized, nearly indestructible rubber hockey puck, Monnit's ALTA Wireless Water Detection Puck monitors for water's presence (or absence). Developed for commercial and enterprise-grade applications, this waterproof sensor detects liquids in spaces such as subfloors, server rooms or elevator shafts. Upon detection, the sensor alerts FMs via text, email or phone call.

Cost Savings:

5.6 ounces of prevention or countless pounds of cure? The $121 sensor compares favorably with commercial-grade sensors starting at $108, many of which are not fully submersible. Bolstering value are:

  • 15-minute setup—drop-in, turn on/off via magnet and configure with software.
  • Free basic sensor management; advanced management starts at $39/year.
  • CRE-ready—private label device and software, making services value-adds.


A slapshot catapults a puck up to 110.3 MPH. Monnit's sensor is similarly swift by offering rapid deployment and instant alerts for mitigation. A leaky toilet can cause $35,000+ in server room damage. With sensor alerts, FMs can quickly isolate, repair and protect.

Technological Advancements:

This sensor provides a wireless range of 1,200+ feet through 12+ walls, bank-grade security, and up to 8 years of battery life. Data is collected, secured and exported to higher-level CRE systems for trend analysis and action, including facility retrofits.

Tenant Satisfaction:

The American Society of Civil Engineers reports, "…approximately six billion gallons of clean water are lost daily in the U.S. due to leaky pipes." Monnit's water puck sensor quickly identifies leaks, helping conserve water and prevent damage, while maintaining the services, safety and rental pricing lessees expect.

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TerraCycle Regulated Waste

Bulb Eater 3L

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The Bulb Eater 3L with Intelli Technology is the next generation of drum-top lamp crushing machines. In less than a second, The Bulb Eater 3L system crushes spent fluorescent lamps of any length, u-tubes, and CFLs into 100 percent recyclable material, while capturing over 99.99 percent of the vapors released! The system, which is mounted to a 55-gallon drum, can hold up to 1350 4-foot fluorescent lamps. A four-stage filtering process removes hazardous particulates and vapors. A digital control panel gives the operator added security by monitoring various aspects of the machine to ensure operator safety. Onboard controls with Intelli Technology senses multiple points that assist with machine diagnostics and maintenance/filter change-outs. In addition to providing OSHA and ACGIH compliance, the Bulb Eater 3L frees up valuable storage space by eliminating the need to store normally filled with boxes of spent intact lamps, thereby reducing handling and related labor costs, and recycling costs are typically reduced by 50 percent or more.

A newly designed attachment to the machine will allow operators to shred LED bulbs which is a new growing waste stream for facilities.

With more than 13,000 bulb eaters users around the world, this machine has helped many facilities manage, safely store, and recycle large amounts of fluorescent lamps.

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Product Image

Winners in Grounds, Maintenance & Cleaning

Excel Dryer

XLERATOR Hand Dryer Mobile Hand Hygiene Station

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The XLERATOR Hand Dryer Mobile Hand Hygiene Station is a critical public health resource during the coronavirus pandemic, an example of innovation and excellence meeting an unexpected global challenge. The stations were first introduced at coronavirus testing sites to allow health care workers conducting the testing to practice proper hand hygiene out in the field and away from traditional healthcare environments.

Developed in collaboration with Mercury Corp., Excel's mobile stations each feature a unit of the original XLERATOR Hand Dryer, which offers a sensor-activated, hands-free, no-touch design that eliminates the push button, a point-of-hand contagion common in traditional dryers and solves the mess, expense and health risks of paper towels.

Going further in the fight against the spread of COVID-19, the XLERATOR with HEPA Filtration System also filters 99.999 percent of viruses from the air stream*. XLERATOR is proven to dry hands completely in as little as eight seconds, per independent testing to global UL Environment PCR testing standards. Dry hands are less likely to spread viruses.

The sturdy metal mobile stations feature a handle and casters for ease of mobility, and offer a convenient bracket to hold hand sanitizer. The three-prong plug works with standard outlets.

Excel Dryer donated the stations to COVID-19 testing sites throughout the Northeast, and the stations have potential applications for large outdoor events and fairs, building entrances, outdoor dining facilities, concerts, stadiums and beyond—an invaluable public health resource in our "new normal."

*Based on testing performance by LMS Technologies, April 2020

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JLG Industries


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The JLG 1075 was developed as a result of customer input, requesting a 10,000-pound class telehandler with greater height and reach. The new model features a 75-foot boom that can lift up to eight stories — a full two stories more than comparable, competitive models — and offers a 60-foot of forward reach.

Telehandlers are often used to place loads on top of buildings, such as setting HVAC units into place on rooftops. With its longer boom length, the 1075 can achieve precision placement further onto a building, effectively doubling the reach of a telehandler with a 55-foot boom.

The new 1075 telehandler comes standard with JLG's Longitudinal Stability Indication (LSI) as well as a two-way right-side view camera for improved visibility and operator confidence during operation.

Optional technologies include SmartLoad and a remote-controlled boom, which can be used by an operator to place material at height from outside the cab. The remote control can eliminate the need for two people — one in the cab and one at the location where the material is being placed — for improved efficiency on the job.

Versatility is key when it comes to telehandlers and the 1075 is no exception. The unit accepts a wide range of standard telehandler attachments, as well as a number of JLG specialty attachments.

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New Pig

PIG Water Absorbent Mat Pad

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Businesses spend billions of dollars each year on water-related losses that include slip-and-fall accidents, lost productivity, equipment and structural damage and ruined inventory.

The second highest business insurance claim is around water damage and the average claim cost is $17,000.

Additionally, the average claim cost for slips and falls is $20,000.

Water problems are expensive. In addition to direct costs associated with these incidents, injuries can be life-altering for employees, especially those more than 55 years old.

Identifying and eliminating floor safety hazards can eliminate worker injuries. Since it was founded more than 35 years ago, New Pig has helped businesses all over the world create world-class floor safety to keep workers and customers safe.

New Pig developed a new line of high-performance products specifically designed to catch, contain and absorb water fast. Our specially engineered water products allow users to respond quickly to minimize damage, insurance claims and costs.

As the leading resource for water leaks and spills, New Pig's innovation efforts are now focusing on managing water problems that occur in all facilities.

New Pig's wring and reuse Pig Water Absorbent Mats are specifically designed and engineered to absorb water on contact and helps you comply with 29 CFR 1910.22 (a)(2) for maintaining floors in a clean, dry condition.

Safe floors help prevent costly employee and customer slip and falls.

From the new fast absorbing, wringable Pig Water Absorbent Mats to the Absorb-&-Lock Water Absorbent Pads and Strips, New Pig's innovative water products are targeted at saving customers time and money when those unexpected water events happen. And at some point, they WILL happen.

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Product Image

Winners in HVAC


NFB-C High Efficiency Fire Tube Condensing Boiler

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Navien's New NFB-C is a dedicated commercial fire tube boiler with an industry-leading 97.5% Thermal Efficiency (TE), which has been awarded the ENERGY STAR rating. This high-efficiency boiler has a low operating cost that will result in energy savings for the building owner. The compact design offers significant space saving and allows cascading of up to 16 units, with common venting of up to 4 units. Venting can be accomplished with standard materials and up to 150 feet, making the NFB-C boiler the perfect solution for any heating application.

Compared to a standard boiler the NFB-C's lighter weight makes installation easier, therefore, providing lower installation cost. The unit has the option of either top or bottom pipe connections for floor or wall mounting to provide maximum flexibility. The patented heat exchanger, designed and manufactured in-house, takes fire tube technology to a new and higher level, insuring the owners years of reliability and performance.

The superior gas flow control system has a 15-to-1 turn down ratio, which provides energy savings while minimizing unnecessary boiler cycling. Each boiler comes with the field conversion kit, making it easy to switch from natural gas to propane and is applicable for higher altitudes of up to 10,100 feet Installers will love the intuitive 7-inch touch screen control display, which saves time, provides quick and easy boiler set up, diagnostics, and troubleshooting. The NFB-C extremely low NOx levels meet the most stringent code requirements and offers an environmentally friendly solution certified by SCAQMD.


Daikin Applied Americas

Rebel Applied with Intelligent Equipment

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The first of its kind, Rebel Applied was designed how all rooftops should be, shattering efficiency thresholds in a highly configurable solution and leveraging the latest in IoT with Intelligent Equipment that optimizes operational efficiency. Rebel Applied serves the 30-52 ton commercial and applied rooftop space, offering the latest in modular cabinet design flexibility.

COST SAVINGS: From installation through lifecycle maintenance, Rebel Applied saves money, time, and energy by qualifying for utility rebates with a premium efficiency refrigeration system, refrigeration monitoring sensors, ECM fans that eliminate belt/bearing maintenance, and Intelligent Equipment® controls for remote monitoring.

TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCEMENTS: Rebel Applied capitalizes on high-performance cabinetry featuring a Class 6 leakage rating at +/- 6 inches of static pressure (based on ASHRAE Standard 111) and a thermally broken design that eliminates energy-robbing direct conduction paths. It also features unprecedented configuration flexibility to fit new applications or retrofit applications, with no transition curb and a modular design that is up to 37 percent shorter and 30 percent lighter than legacy applied rooftops.

EFFICIENCY/PRODUCTIVITY: With EERs exceeding 11.0 and IEERs up to 17.0, Rebel Applied incorporates the latest in advanced technologies, such as EC motors and high efficiency scroll compressors that enable it to far exceed minimum energy efficiency requirements through 2023.

TENANT SATISFACTION: Rebel Applied maximizes tenant satisfaction with flexible indoor air quality features, extremely quiet operation, and configurable outside air management components. It produces cleaner, healthier air with advanced high efficiency filtration, energy recovery, outdoor air flow measuring, beltless fans, and double-wall construction.

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OptiClean Negative Air Machine

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To help hospitals treating patients with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), Carrier Global Corporation launched the OptiCleanTM portable negative air machine, which cleans and removes air potentially contaminated by the virus. In a closed room, the machine uses high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters, an air management system to significantly reduce the presence of coronavirus and other contaminants in the air, and flexible ducting to exhaust the filtered air. The machine creates negative pressure so that when the hospital room door is opened, air is pulled into the room from outside instead of letting potentially contaminated air out from the room. If negative pressure is not required, such as in an open-air, temporary hospital, the machine can be used as an air "scrubber," pulling air in, removing many contaminants, and discharging cleaner air back into the room.

While hospitals generally have air filtration systems that reduce the spread of infectious diseases, those systems might only be available in certain sections of the hospital. The rate at which COVID-19 spreads has put inordinate strain on hospitals in the most affected cities, where there are more COVID-19 patients than there are infectious isolation rooms. As a result, hospitals have had to convert rooms that were not intended for patients with infectious diseases, and new field hospitals have been established that are not equipped with hospital-level air filtration.

For more information, visit www.Carrier.com/commercial.

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Winners in Interiors

Assa Abloy

Norton 6300 Door Operator

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The Norton 6300 low-energy door operator with WiFi programming features one of the slimmest profiles in the industry, enabling it to fit into tight spaces while blending seamlessly with the door frame. Its modular design allows for one-person installation, for single and double-door applications. It also features the first known programming interface offering step-by-step programming using any WiFi-enabled smart device — with no need to download an app.

It allows facilities to meet ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements by enabling a door to be operated through the use of push buttons, wave switches or hands-free radio frequency devices. Designed for moderate and high traffic openings, it is well suited for use on interior and exterior doors in hospitals, educational facilities, office buildings and other commercial spaces.

The 6300 addresses a critical pain point by enabling integrators and facility managers to quickly and easily program and adjust settings using a WiFi-enabled smart device without the need to download an app or additional software. In addition, if multiple 6300 operators exist in the same facility, installers can save and port over the same settings to other units. Adjustments are also made using a smart device — eliminating the trouble of setting up ladders and removing device covers.

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Interface Inc.

Brushed Lines

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Interface expanded into the resilient category in 2017 to make hard surface more sustainable with a fully recyclable product line through ReEntry, closing the loop on all LVT and vinyl backed carpet tiles. Within two years, Interface marked an important milestone — all LVT products are now made with 39 percent pre-consumer recycled content — with the launch of its latest global resilient flooring product, Brushed Linesâ„¢.

Brushed Lines includes Interface's innovative Sound Choice backing, which provides acoustic insulation without additional underlayment. Sound Choice backing offers best-in-class performance for reduced impact sound and floor-to-floor transmission, contributing to an environment that supports focus and reduces unwanted noise, which negatively impacts employee performance and health.

To promote longevity and cost savings, Brushed Lines has a Ceramor ceramic bead coating, allowing items to glide over surfaces, preventing scratches and debris from settling in. The product doesn't require waxing or polishing, or regular stripping and coating that emits harmful volatile organic compounds, which impacts performance and wellbeing. The products minimize scuffing that typically results in a shorter life, providing long-term performance — essential for sustainable design.

Brushed Lines provides the same high-performance standards of Interface LVT at no additional cost to the consumer, impacting both the floor and planet. Because this product remains free of phthalates, heavy metals and added formaldehyde, it is fully recyclable through Interface's post-consumer reclamation program. The product is certified carbon neutral across the product lifecycle through Interface's Carbon Neutral Floors program, making it a comprehensive flooring option for any project.

Link: https://www.interface.com/US/en-US/detail/brushed-lines-deep-cobalt-A01622096020202XX0

Press Release: https://www.interface.com/US/en-US/about/press-room/brushed-lines-recycled-content-release-en_US

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Excel Dryer

XLERATORsync Hand Dryer

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Excel Dryer, in collaboration with architectural firm, Gensler, created the XLERATORsync Hand Dryer, available exclusively through D|13 Group, as part of the D|13 Sink System. A masterpiece of form and function, the integrated sink fuses no-touch, high-efficiency fixtures on the sink deck, offering an intuitive process to wash, rinse and dry hands. Eliminating many touchpoints of possible contagion during viral pandemics and beyond, this innovative and unparalleled hygienic user experience is the future of commercial restrooms.

XLERATORsync features:

  • An automatic sensor for a hands-free, touchless drying experience.
  • A drying time of mere seconds per Global UL Environment PCR testing standards. Safe hygiene depends upon completely dry hands, which are less likely to transmit germs.
  • An industry-exclusive, removable and washable pre-filter that blocks dust and particles while extending the life of the hand dryer.
  • A HEPA Filtration System offering an added level of protection against germs. Viral filtration testing conducted in April 2020 by LMS Technologies proved that the XLERATOR HEPA Filtration System removes 99.999 percent of viruses from the airstream.

XLERATORsync also eliminates the expense of paper towels, in addition to their associated maintenance, mess and health risks: damp piles, overflowing trash cans and clogged toilets. Public health concerns are here to stay. Integrating components of proper hand hygiene, the innovative, cost-saving customizable D|13 Sink System featuring XLERATORsync elevates a restroom's aesthetic while providing the ultimate hygienic experience.

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Product Sheet

Winners in Life Safety & Security

Signtex Lighting Inc.

Central Battery series

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Signtex Lighting Inc.'s innovative CBM - Central Battery series with MARS® — (Monitoring and Reporting System) is the most advanced and cost-effective system for emergency lighting today. Used with the innovative ELC — Emergency Lighting Control device — Signtex Lighting can convert any lighting fixture into emergency operation or use one of the world class Moonlite LED Series fixtures offered.

A single CBM unit can provide up to 1000 watts of emergency power using only 2, widely available, sealed lead acid batteries. Compared to fixtures with selfcontained batteries, Signtex's system can reduce the number of batteries in any building by more than 100 times, reducing battery recycling costs. And using less batteries is also better for the environment. MARS® also eliminates the labor intensive testing and written documentation required to meet the NFPA101 Life Safety Code by monitoring the status of all four Code mandated tests at least once every 28 days: If a failure is detected, an email is generated and sent immediately to the facility manager or a contract maintenance service, identifying the location with a description of the fault. Test records are available automatically or on demand. When used in most medium to large institutional, commercial and Industrial buildings, CBM from Signtex Lighting can provide more than 95% savings in total operating costs when compared to emergency lighting equipment using self-contained batteries making it the most cost-effective way to comply with the Life Safety Code. When coupled with a generator, the CBM system offers greater reliability and initial cost savings.

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INOX MicroArmor Antimicrobial Coating is a powder coating infused with antimicrobial technology that reduces the growth and reproduction of harmful bacteria, mold and mildew by up to 99.9 percent.

"In light of the current COVID-19 health crisis, it was incredibly important to us to focus our research and development on products that can help lessen the spread of harmful bacteria and to make them available to hospitals and healthcare facilities as soon as possible," said Qianyan Cheng, INOX Co-Founder and Vice President of Product Development.

INOX MicroArmor contains silver ions that attach themselves to a microbe's cellular enzyme to inhibit the growth of the microbe, reducing the spread of bacteria, fungi and mold. During the manufacturing process, the powder coating is applied to an INOX product and the silver ions within the coating integrate with the product itself. This enables the hardware to have 24/7, around-the-clock protection that does not wash off or wear away and remains effective in reducing the growth and spread of bacteria.

Particularly on a high-touch product such as door hardware, bacteria can double in number on an untreated surface every 20 minutes. Since INOX MicroArmor works nonstop to protect the hardware, it complements regular cleaning routines and helps reduce the amount of time and cost needed to maintain facilities. It also eliminates the need to use harsh, abrasive chemicals and disinfectants which can damage door hardware.

Because INOX MicroArmor doesn't wash off or wear away, door hardware remains protected and more durable throughout its lifetime.

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Magtech Industries Corp.

Wireless Emergency Exit Systemtech

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The LynxEM by Lynxus, A division of Magtech Industries Corp., is an IoT wireless emergency exit and egress lighting system. With an average ROI of eight months, it is an easy choice for facility managers upgrading to high tech smart buildings.

The LynxEM is a completely self contained wireless mesh network providing computer based monitoring, testing and reporting. Reports are centralized for future reference on the gateway for 24 months.

The LynxEM automatically tests all exit and egress systems each month and annually as per the NFPA 101 code without the need for facility maintenance crews taking hours each month to do so manually. Even better, the facility manager can remotely log in to see in real time each device, group, schedule and the statistics as well as previously saved test reports.

Tenants know their systems are up to code and in working order in the event of an emergency situation.

To learn more, please visit https://lynxus.com/emergency-monitoring/

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Winners in Lighting


Multi-Purpose Lighting Retrofit (MPLR) LED engines

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Cost Savings:

The MPLR is the most versatile and cost-effective LED engine in the lighting industry. MPLRs are offered with multiple mounting hardware options to insure easy installation, including a simple magnetic screws option. In a retrofit application, the mounting hardware options enable an LED retrofit without having to take a fixture down to retrofit it. The magnetic screws can also shorten assembly time for OEM new fixture production.

Technological Advancements:

The MPLR is designed for both OEM use in new fixtures, as well as retrofitting of legacy fixtures, in the field. The engines come in 11W, 16W, 19W, and 25W versions with dimmable driver on board, A/C design. New for this year are Emergency back-up power integrated versions and microwave sensor integrated versions. The highly innovative mounting options include spring screws, center threaded rod, or magnetic screws, for faster, easier, and lower-cost installation.

Efficiency / Productivity:

MPLRs are perfect for flush mounts, ceiling fans, sconces, floor lamps and more. The highly innovative mounting options include spring screws, center threaded rod, or magnetic screws, for faster, easier, and lower-cost installation.

Tenant Satisfaction:

MPLRs provide improved light distribution compared with LED lamps, that create hot spots and dark spots. MPLR evenly light up a ceiling flush mount or sconce without LED lamp hot spots, or the dark spots created by brick drivers that cast shadows in a fixture.

Additional information on the MPLR family can found at: http://www.overdrive-lighting.com/ac-led-light-engine-mplr.html.

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Product Image


Rough Service LED A19 Lamps

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Lamp failures due to harsh commercial environments lead to shutdowns in operations that are extremely costly, as well as the labor and replacement lamp costs. Switching from incandescent rough service lamps to eLumigen LED rough service lamps also saves 87.5 percent of energy costs and increases lamp life more than 10 times. eLumigen lamps are rated for 25,000 hour life, while most rough service incandescent lamps are only rated for 2,000 hours.


  • Addition of 75W and 100W equivalent lamps that increase the light output over the previous 40W and 60W equivalent models.
  • A-lamp portfolio is A19 size to allow for placement within most fixtures, including the 100W equivalent.
  • Enclosed fixture rating for the 40W, 60W, 75W, and 100W equivalent models.
  • Wet listed. The previous generation of lamps were damp listed.
  • New Poultry Rough Service Lamp models for chickens and turkeys, for both broiler and layer production facilities.
  • Shatter proof
  • Vibration proof
  • High heat tolerant
  • Offer a high dimming ratio
  • Low electromagnetic interference (low-EMI)
  • Glare-free
  • No visual flicker
  • Very high power factor of 0.98
  • Low inrush current


  • High efficiency, up to 120 lumens per watt
  • Avoiding shut down in operations for frequent lamp replacements can enormously improve productivity.


  • More than 10X improved lamp life over incandescent rough service lamps.
  • Avoids frequent lamp replacements of conventional LED lamps that can't survive in many harsh environments.
  • Avoids disruptions to tenant operations from frequent lamp failures and replacements.

More information at www.eLumigen.com.

Flex Lighting Solutions

Essentials Series 5.0

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Essentials series 5.0 fixtures are high-quality LED high bays designed for use in industrial and manufacturing facilities, warehouses, indoor sports facilities, aviation hangars, convention centers, car dealerships and more.

These fixtures can withstand high ambient temperatures up to 65°C due to their superior thermal management and their vertical extruded aluminum heat sinks designed to dissipate maximum heat.

One of the unique features about our essentials series 5.0 fixtures are the rotatable outer modules that can be set to 0, 45, 90 and 135 degrees, allowing you to optimize the light distribution by putting the light when is needed increasing visual comfort and lighting efficiency.

Essentials series 5.0 lumens range from 6,000 to 97,000 lumens delivering up to 206 lumens per watt. The energy savings are significant compared to conventional fixtures and other LED fixtures with efficacies in the low hundreds.

These fixtures come standard with a 5-year guaranteed lumen maintenance warranty with the option to upgrade to a 7- and 10-year lumen maintenance warranty or a 10-year premium warranty that includes parts and labor reimbursement.

Essentials series 5.0 has a variety of options for lenses, and a no lens option featuring an invisible nano-coating that maximizes efficacy and protects the LEDs from the environment and external agents such as humidity, dust, and other debris.

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Essential Series 5.0

Winners in Plumbing

ePIPE / Pipe Restoration Inc.


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With over 40 US and international patents, the ePIPE product provides Lead-Free, Leak Free Pipe Protection. As an alternative to traditional re-piping, the ePIPE patented proven process restores potable water pipes "in-place"! Restoring pipes "In-place" means less destruction and disruption to building tenants or occupants. No more tearing open floors, walls or ceilings.

In addition, the ePIPE product has a 90 minute cure time, which means that the coated pipes are ready for water service within two hours. This less intrusive option and ability to provide customers with water the same day, means less downtime, which equals considerable savings to our satisfied customers.

The ePIPE process also has patents on reducing lead leaching. The ePIPE restored piping system protects your pipes from corroding and can reduce the leaching of lead and copper contaminants to well below the EPA & World Health Organization standards. For a fast, quiet, clean and healthier pipe restoration project, ePIPE is the answer!

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Sloan Valve Co.

Optima Faucet

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Sloan's modernized Optima® faucet line features the popular spout designs that have made it the sensor faucet with the largest installed unit base in the world. With these designs, Sloan has leveraged its considerable experience in automatic sensor faucets to include exciting new technology. Using rugged standardized components, these plumber-friendly products reduce the time to install, service, and maintain sensor faucets by 50% or more versus competitors.

Adding to the increased level of convenience, each faucet control now features wireless capability. The new Sloan Connect® App — available for free for both iOS and Android smartphones — enables building owners and facility managers to collect data and adjust settings without the need to disassemble the sink or spend time working on the restroom floor.

Sloan Optima faucets now come with standard mounting hardware. All connections are quick-connect and eliminate under-sink clutter, while the faucet control includes an integrated water shut-off, a twist-off solenoid, a quick-change battery pack, and a sensor range adjustment button for those who don't want to use the smartphone app. Optima faucets also offer water-saving features, including LEED-compliant 0.35 gpm sprayheads and adjustable timeouts.

Vanderbilt University Medical Center recently installed Sloan Optima faucets, and the fixtures are helping promote a hygiene-friendly handwashing process while helping the facilities team manage water more effectively.

"Sloan's faucets have proven to be very effective," said Randy Howington, Plumbing Shop Manager, Facilities Management at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. "They are high performing, and they have the ability to give us an understanding of how our faucets are performing at any exact moment."

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Product Image

Rheem Manufacturing

Commercial Tankless System

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The Commercial Tankless Water Heater System from Rheem® is factory-tested and designed to provide redundancy, flexibility and support for any application. Available in wall-hung, wall-mounted and free-standing configurations, Rheem's commercial tankless systems are flexible for any installation scenario.

The system comes preassembled with durable and efficient Rheem 199K BTU/h RTGH-CM95 water heaters and single-point connections for water, gas, electrical and condensate, so installation is easy and fast — saving hours of labor in the field. Configurations are available for both indoor and outdoor installation. Rheem tankless systems fit through standard 36-inch doors and have hooks to be crane lifted for high-rise or rooftop installations. These UL and ULC listed, LEED-friendly turnkey systems reduce installation costs and time on the jobsite.

The Rheem Commercial Tankless Water Heater System features built-in manifold control for up to 20 units, allowing for load sharing and balancing to keep the water flowing and eliminate downtime for maintenance and service. Plus, you can common-vent up to 10 units, enabling more hot water with fewer wall penetrations. Additionally, Rheem's commercial tankless water heater system features an industry-exclusive built-in condensate neutralizer, saving even more install time.

The commercial tankless water heater system from Rheem also features Rheem's EcoNet® Smart Monitoring System. EcoNet technology enables facility managers to control and monitor the system from anywhere in the world, including real-time alerts and maintenance reminders.

Customers love Rheem Commercial Tankless System for its efficiency and performance. Plumbers love it for the ease of install and reliability.

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Winners in Power

Snake Tray

Snake Bus Power Distribution

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Snake Bus Power Distribution is a pre-wired, modular power distribution system for access floors. Snake Bus delivers 50 Amp, 3-Phase, 208 Volts providing up to 18 kilowatts of power in one easy to install track system. The system consists of tracks and electrical whips that deliver power where needed. It eliminates the need to hard wire equipment to save on labor and material costs and can be easily be moved and reused when layouts change. The copper bus bar technology decreases voltage drops to save on energy. Models are available that comply with CA Title 24 to save on energy by by interfacing with the building management software to shut down when not in use. Product is made in the US.

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Chatsworth Products

eConnect Power Distribution Units

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eConnect Power Distribution Units (PDUs) are Chatsworth Products' (CPI) answer to the growing demand for reliable, intelligent power distribution in data centers racks. Intelligent PDUs allow facilities managers to automate monitoring and better visualize conditions so they can make more informed decisions and avoid costly capital expenses. Remote monitoring provides early warning of a pending issue, for example, a threshold warning as power approaches a known limit.

But facilities managers also recognize monitoring of trends generates a higher return on investment, allowing them to proactively make adjustments that maximize capacity utilization. This is achieved by monitoring power use by each piece of ITE/ICT equipment—which can be done by monitoring power usage at each outlet of the PDU.

Additionally, remote, unattended facilities are multiplying. The added benefit of remote control of outlets is that it allows remote reboot of equipment and control of individual outlets, so no equipment can be powered without a review of the impact. Finally, facilities managers are also responsible for delivering cooling and security, so, a single hardware product that can combine these capabilities reduces hardware and deployment costs and simplifies monitoring and management.

eConnect combines the best features to support both proactive monitoring and remote control into a single product: Patented technology for electronic lock integration combines three hardware platforms (power management, environmental monitoring and access control) into a single solution, while providing the lowest cost of networking in denser facilities, as it requires fewer network connections and network overhead to monitor equipment.

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ABB Inc.

ACH580-31 ultra-low harmonic (ULH) drive

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ACH580 variable frequency drives (VFDs) are ideal for controlling a wide range of motors for HVAC fans, pumps, air handling units and chillers used in hospitals, data centers, shopping centers, factories, office buildings, and more.

Harmonics in electrical systems can be considered as pollution of the electrical grid and can negatively affect connected equipment causing energy losses and electrical system failures.

ABB's ACH580-31 ultra-low harmonic (ULH) drive overcome challenges of harmonics and help to keep the power network clean. The ULH drive has a active front end that creates Total Harmonic Distortion Current (THDi) of 3 percent or less so there is no need for external filters, which increase installation complexity and space.

The ACH580 ULH meets the most stringent requirements of the IEEE519 recommendations and keep the power factor equal to unity so sensitive equipment stays running saving operating costs and helps to avoid penalties for reactive power from utilities. The low harmonics eliminates the need for oversized transformers, generators, cables and other equipment saving capital costs.

The ACH580 built-in features reduce on-site commissioning time, add value to existing control systems and provide easy diagnostics and troubleshooting. Common features throughout the whole product family making it easy for you to install, commission and use. The drive comes with primary settings menu that allows you to commission and program the drive based on your application. Sleep and timed functions are built into the software to ensure that the drive doesn't run when you don't need it saving even more energy.

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Winners in Smart Buildings/IoT/Software


DeepClean Assurance Software Application

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COVID-19 has completely reshaped the way people think about the cleanliness of their buildings. To help reduce anxiety around returning to "business as usual," AkitaBox has created a cloud-based software application called AkitaBox DeepClean Assurance (ADCA). ADCA was designed to drive cleanliness in buildings and enable a safer return to the places we use every day — from schools and hospitals to commercial buildings, manufacturing facilities, and beyond.

ADCA assists custodial teams in following proper cleaning protocols and promoting transparency with stakeholders. Users can leverage location-based room pins on their building's digital floor plans to access cleaning routes, as well as customized checklists that identify areas, objects, and items that must be cleaned and disinfected. Each room assignment features a customized list of EPA-approved cleaning products that teams must use to qualify the room as properly cleaned and disinfected.

The final result is a shareable assurance certificate that identifies which units in a building have been cleaned and disinfected according to both CDC- and EPA-recommended guidelines.

The safety and well-being of our customers is and always will be a top priority for AkitaBox. We believe that ADCA has the power to safeguard human health, reduce anxiety around returning to buildings, and protect the health of the communities we live in. The peace of mind generated by this tool is priceless as we return to the buildings in which we work, live and play.

ADCA Webpage: https://home.akitabox.com/product/app/deepclean-assurance

ADCA Blog: https://home.akitabox.com/blog/akitabox-launches-deepclean-assurance-software

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Dude Solutions


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In hospitals and healthcare facilities, maintenance isn't just tied to upkeep — it's also linked to the health and safety of patients. TheWorxHub by Dude Solutions is a cloud-based and mobile solution to help you prioritize, manage and ensure completion of compliance-related maintenance all in one, easy-to-use system.

With TheWorxHub, staff can track work orders, monitor compliance-related tasks, communicate effectively across departments, implement a strong preventive maintenance program, see analytics on their work and team to provide reporting to executives, and drive data-driven decisions.

In 2020, Dude Solutions added BioMed for TheWorxHub to empower biomedical teams to transform the demands around ensuring compliance and managing medical equipment into a streamlined asset-based workflow. Hospitals now have a single, intuitive system to track and manage the work of every department.

Over 1,600 healthcare and senior living organizations rely on TheWorxHub to:

  • Streamline efficiencies
  • Eliminate paper, digitize work orders and implement processes for request automation, inventory management and work order prioritization
  • Add assets, locations, staff members and images to work orders
  • Simplify compliance efforts by linking regulatory work and assets and assigning preventive maintenance tasks tied to compliance
  • Extend the life of critical assets
  • Schedule and automate preventive maintenance tasks
  • Improve risk management with tools for predicting issues
  • Use real-time work order data to easily make repair vs. replace decisions
  • Become data-driven
  • Drive decision-making with configurable data analysis and simple reporting from a central dashboard with KPIs, reports and industry-wide benchmarks
  • Forecast life cycle to create an attainable capital plan


Environmental Fusion Sensors® Cyber Health Dashboard

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In today's COVID world, enterprises demand technology solutions that enable them to create and manage healthy, safe and functional workspaces for their employees.

FM:Systems Environmental Fusion Sensors combined with FM:Systems Analytics provide an unparalleled ability to monitor and measure Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) simultaneously with real-time occupancy sensing all in an industry leading single sensor package. Values for humidity, temperature, CO2, VOCs, light levels, sound and occupancy parameters can be displayed on a heat map, giving full visibility into indoor air quality for each space and how it affects occupancy levels.

The FM:Systems environmental fusion sensors can also be leveraged to monitor congestion on a given floor or area within a building to help monitor occupancy levels. End users can set thresholds for each parameter and receive immediate alerts when these values are exceeded.

FM:Systems sensor hardware working with our analytics delivers a powerful and complete solution that helps organizations everywhere provide healthier, safer, high performance buildings while also accommodating CDC and local social distancing measurements. With these considerations implemented, FM:Systems digital solutions can play an important role in helping to safely reopen the economy.

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