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SureFlo Automatic Liquid Soap Dispenser

Bobrick’s B-824 SureFlo® Automatic Liquid Soap Dispenser was engineered to help facilities do more with less. 

The primary source of savings for the SureFlo® soap dispenser is that it utilizes bulk soap instead of proprietary cartridges. Based on a restroom with one sink and one dispenser that serves 35 people per day at 4 hand washes per day—equating to 112ml of soap per day or 29.5L per year—the dispenser will save approximately 82% in annual soap costs ($223.24 for cartridge soap compared to $41.01 for bulk soap). This yields an approximate ROI period of one year, depending on traffic volume.

In addition, five proprietary 800 ml closed-system soap cartridges hold approximately the same amount as one gallon of bulk jug soap. By eliminating cartridges, the SureFlo soap dispenser reduces post-consumer plastic waste by 57%. Additionally, the wasteful disposal of residual soap is estimated at 10%-20%—a common consequence of regularly scheduled maintenance.

Further, bulk jug soap is available on the open market. Higher-priced proprietary closed-system cartridges only fit the manufacturer’s dispensers, at locked-in prices. The dispenser is top-fill, eliminating a common pain point for facilities—time-consuming and awkward under-counter servicing. 

For users, its Electronic Activation System eliminates hand waving and false dispensing. There is no direct contact between the patron and the dispenser, preventing cross-contamination. With its portion control feature, 0.4 ml to 3 ml can be dispensed, optimizing patron satisfaction with operating costs.

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