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SageGlass Dynamic Glass Offers Access To Nature and Daylight

People are spending more of their lives indoors with less connection to nature and daylight. Dynamic glass, a glazing solution that can be installed in windows, skylights and curtain walls, helps maintain that connection by offering sweeping views of the outdoors and ample natural light, which research has linked to improvements in occupant well-being and productivity. In addition to providing access to nature and daylight, dynamic glass enhances occupant comfort by automatically tinting to block up to 99 percent of glare producing light and 91 percent of solar heat. In doing so, dynamic glass also eliminates the need for a shading system and deceases energy usage and peak demand charges, resulting in cost savings for tenants. However, a drawback to dynamic glass is that tinting entire window panes can make a space feel too dark. 

SageGlass Harmony™ solves this problem by doing something no other dynamic glazing product can. It provides a smooth visual aesthetic through a gradual, seamless in-pane tint transition from fully clear to fully tinted, mimicking the types of daylight found in nature. The natural tinting from darker to lighter can be oriented top to bottom or bottom to top, depending on where heat and glare control is needed. The result is a product which blocks heat and glare and provides proper daylight levels all while maintaining an occupant’s connection to the outdoors.



Contact FacilitiesNet Editorial Staff »   posted on: 8/21/2019

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