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GENEO tilt-turn window and door system by REHAU

The GENEO® tilt-turn window and door system by REHAU, composed of the high-tech RAU-FIPRO™ proprietary fiber-composite material, takes REHAU tilt-turn technology to its highest level of strength and thermal performance. GENEO is the first fully-reinforced polymer window system that doesn’t rely on steel for its strength, saving time, money and improving the ease of installation. The RAU-FIPRO polymer core achieves excellent stability and torsional rigidity, making it possible to build 33% larger windows and doors without steel. The GENEO design includes fusion-welded corners for zero leakage as well as multiple locking points and a multi-chambered structure with a patented integrated reinforcement system for the highest degree of strength and security. Innovative compression-seal technology reduces closing pressure, making window operation easy and extending service life. The system achieves top performance ratings for structural, sound insulation, forced-entry resistance and thermal insulation: NAFS up to CW-PG70, ASTM E90 acoustical rating up to 45 dB, FER Grade 20 rating per NAFS-11 and a simulated U-value down to 0.13. The fiber-infused core reduces expansion and contraction of GENEO profiles by 60% compared to those of standard uPVC, allowing hassle-free color application in all climates. With 40% lighter profiles, transportation and installation costs can also be reduced. GENEO is a certified Passive House Component for cool, temperate climates, a designation given by the Passive House Institute for products that, as a rule, are two to three times more efficient than the corresponding commonly used products. 

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