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Revolutionary WARP Technology Recovers and Reuses Waste Wind from Mechanical Equipment

Revolutionary WARP Technology Recovers and Reuses Waste Wind from Mechanical Equipment
BENSENVILLE, Ill. -– Using a patent-pending Waste Air Recovery System, or WARP Technology™, a revolutionary new product recaptures exhaust air produced by mechanical and HVAC equipment to produce electric energy in industrial, retail and commercial facilities.
This is the first electric-generating wind machine to produce cost-saving energy from waste wind produced by mechanical equipment. As part of a new agreement, Earthwise Environmental Inc., Bensenville, Ill., has begun marketing the product produced by GreenCycle Wind, LLC, Schaumburg, Ill.
Waste wind from mechanical equipment is consistent and predictable. Natural wind is intermittent and unpredictable. WARP Technology™ utilizes two production sources to generate electricity: waste wind from exhaust air typically produced during daylight hours when mechanical equipment is active, and natural wind harvested during overnight hours when customers’ needs for electricity are low. By recycling a mechanical waste product, the need to depend on intermittent natural wind energy resources is reduced.
Because of its systematic use, GreenCycle Wind’s generators provide a steady source of energy that produces a reliable stream of cost savings. WARP Technology™ units achieve efficiencies of greater than 94 percent and qualify for tax credits and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) points. In fact, generators can produce significant amounts of renewable energy even in wind-poor areas of the country.
Based on years of research and development, WARP Technology™ dual-source wind turbines improve the efficiency of mechanical equipment by increasing air flow and decreasing the fan motor’s operational power requirements. The turbine’s specific grid-connection controlling algorithm is highly efficient, safe and reliable.
Units – adaptable to urban environments with little or no necessary structural upgrades required for installation – range in 500-watt increments up to 4,500 watts and are semi-custom to meet the needs of almost all commercial, retail and industrial customers. They are stackable for multi-unit use and compact with a light design for one-person easy installation.
A high-voltage, permanent-magnet alternator features a three-phase A/C output with 40-point programmable, linearly extrapolated power curve via Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) inverter display technology. Both LCD and LED monitoring displays and high-quality bearings have a design lifespan of approximately 15 years. All key “spinning” components are made of aircraft structural grade aluminum.
Along with the potential to achieve up to four key LEED credit points, GreenCycle Wind products qualify for a 30-percent Federal Tax Credit (www.dsireusa.org) on all costs associated with purchase and installation. A first-year bonus depreciation of 100 percent applies to installations through Dec. 31, 2012.
Earthwise Environmental is the industry expert for providing safe, efficient and environmentally-beneficial water treatment and management solutions. With more Certified Water Technologists on staff than any other water treatment firm in Illinois, Earthwise Environmental is dedicated to conservation and works closely with manufacturers to evaluate and implement new technologies that save water and energy. For information on the company, including its products and work, please visit the new website atwww.EarthwiseEnvironmental.com.

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