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Legal Marijuana and the Odor Issue

As more states legalize the use of marijuana for medicinal or recreational purposes, one thing is certain: odor control needs to be a priority. To ensure the industry is equipped to react to this emerging challenge, Clorox Professional announced that its Clorox Odor Defense portfolio of products are now scientifically proven to eliminate marijuana odors using proprietary technology to identify, capture and eliminate – not just mask – odor-causing molecules. In addition, the products are also approved to tackle a range of odors from garbage, urine, feces and vomit to mildew and body odor.

“Of all the senses, smell is the most powerful trigger of emotions and memories, so because of this smell can have an immediate, lasting impact on public perception that can affect a business’ reputation and bottom-line,” says Jennifer Gordon, research scientist with Clorox Professional Products Company. “In creating Clorox Odor Defense we specifically tested against pungent, hard to remove malodors like marijuana smoke and garbage to ensure it can eliminate these tough, real-world odor challenges cleaning professionals face.”

Marijuana odors impact many businesses, but can be a particular challenge for the hospitality industry, where smoke odors have long been an issue. A survey of cleaning industry decision makers found that 15 percent of cleaning professionals in hospitality say smoke is the toughest odor they deal with, vs. seven percent of cleaning professionals overall.1 Hospitality cleaning professionals are also more likely to get patron complaints about smoke. While many hotels have no smoking policies in place, guests still smoke in rooms and public spaces and almost half of cleaning professionals in hospitality surveyed (46 percent) say they get complaints about smoke.1 Marijuana odors also pose a challenge.

Proprietary Technology for Smarter Odor Elimination

Unlike other products that temporarily cover up malodors, Clorox Odor Defense uses proprietary ICE Technology, which stands for its trademark Identify, Capture and Eliminate method of action, to eliminate odors, so no heavy fragrance is required to mask them.

ICE Technology combines two powerful surfactants into a scientifically formulated odor eliminator designed to remove the toughest professional odors. In intense laboratory testing, Clorox Odor Defense ICE Technology continued to control malodors at their source, for six hours.

Odors in commercial facilities can quickly influence consumers’ perceptions and negative connotations with marijuana make its distinctive, already pungent odor problematic for businesses. Clorox Odor Defense helps cleaning professionals put their best foot forward and ensure that first impressions of their facilities are good ones.

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