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GE Lumination EL Series Suspended LED Luminaires Cut Interior Retail, Office Lighting Convention While Slashing Energy Costs

EAST CLEVELAND, OHIO—Today's LED retail and office lighting fixtures that marry fashion and function are creating more modern ceiling landscapes and visually striking possibilities for lighting designers. With the new Lumination™ EL Series LED Luminaire, GE continues to lead the way to inspired indoor spaces with a never-before-seen LED lighting technology option. Minimal and exceptionally thin, the blade-like fixture stabs at the heart of conventional design while slashing energy costs at the same time.
The new Lumination™ EL Series LED Luminaire is suspended from the ceiling and powered with GE's Intrinsx™ Optical Technology to maximize the performance, control and efficiency of each LED diode.

When switched on, the Lumination EL Series LED Suspended Luminaire produces an even glow, and when off appears nearly transparent with individual LED diodes hidden inside the frame so as not to detract from the look of the environment where it is installed.

The thin, uniformly illuminated LED blade is suspended from the ceiling and powered with GE's Intrinsx™ Optical Technology that maximizes the performance, control and efficiency of each LED diode—directing otherwise wasted light to where it is needed. This makes GE's new fixture an ideal LED solution for retail lighting, open-plan offices and other general ambient lighting environments.

"Efficient lighting is all about focusing a light source exactly where you need it, such as at the bottom shelves in store aisles," said Simon Fisher, General Manager EMEA – Commercial Office, GE Lighting. "Lumination EL Series Luminaires are perfectly suited for store aisle lighting because they can deliver precise, uniform light directly to the lower shelves, pushing light through and drawing attention to poorly lit items on the bottom shelf. Store managers can maximize valuable shelf space without having to worry that lower-shelf items will be overlooked by customers."

A product of GE ecomaginationSM, Lumination EL Series LED Luminaires offer a multitude of benefits compared to traditional fluorescent and halogen lighting, including improved energy efficiency, longer life and high-quality color consistency. Rated for 50,000 hours, the LED fixtures are fully dimmable and can be linked to sensors and controlled according to the level of natural light present to provide the best possible energy savings.

GE's Lumination EL Series LED Luminaires are available with different mounting options that allow for suspension with remote gear housing, surface mounting for solid ceilings or installation onto a track system. Their thin-yet-durable design—the fixtures measure 48-inch and 72-inch lengths at 10 inches high and just 2 inches deep—allows them to also be connected together in long, continuous runs for maximizing lumen (light) output.

To learn more about Lumination LED lighting technology and fixture solutions, call 888-MY-GE-LED or visit www.gelighting.com. Read more about GE's commitment to innovative solutions to today's environmental challenges at www.ecomagination.com.

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