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Expanded Line of Carpet Targets Occupant Comfort

Tarkett introduces Interleave Modular Carpet and Mindset LVT , a collaboration with Jhane Barnes. Interleave and Mindset provide a calming effect that resonates in many commercial environments , including corporate, healthcare, and higher education spaces .

Much more is expected of flooring today, especially within commercial interiors. Flooring must subtly complement the interior design of the space, while making a statement that supports the overall look, feel and message of a brand. Interleave does this with the gentle flow of sines in a variety of colors — a contemporary approach to incorporating natural, soothing visual elements without a literal translation of organic materials.

Like the gentle arc of ocean waves, nature’s flowing curves bring peaceful rhythm and soothing repetition. Mathematicians call them sines — curves described by the equation (y = a sin x). But mathematicians aren’t the only ones to appreciate their visual appeal — or the serenity they bring to a space.

For the making of Interleave, designer Jhane Barnes began with a simple gradating stripe as a background pattern. She then transformed the same series of stripes into sine curves, introducing a bioph i lic element that our brains instinctively recognize. During the design process, Jhane initially began using sines of various shapes and sizes, but found that using identical curves was more soothing.

Created with high - quality, solution dyed Dynex SD Nylon yarn fiber, Interleave modular tiles provide permanent stain resistance, with cationic properties inherent to the structure of the fiber. Available in 18” x 36” tiles, Interleave can be installed in a vertical ashlar or herringbone 2 layout. The linear background and soft curves in the pattern’s foreground are reminiscent of raking patterns within a Zen garden.

Coordinating Design Solutions - Mindset LVT

Interleave coordinates flawlessly with Mindset , a new LVT design that utilized a similar design process in its creation. Mindset is offered on Tarkett’s Contour LVT construction, featuring a 32 mil wear layer and best - in - class Techtonic polyurethane technology, which resists scratching, staining, scuffing and abrasion with a beautiful matte finish.

Mindset is an addition to Tarkett’s Collections Infinies, a unique breakthrough in LVT that uses the power of co - creation to breathe life into the design process. With this collection, interior designers a re able to meld their own creative process with inspirations from some of the most influential design minds of our time. Featuring state - of - the - art digital print technology, the possibilities for customization are as expansive as your imagination.

Interle ave is :

• Available on ethos Modular with Omnicoat Technology, a Cradle to Cradle Silver and Living Product Challenge Imperative certified backing, made with PVB film from recycled windshields. The styles also include Eco-Ensure soil protection technology , a fluorine-free chemistry that is Cradle to Cradle Gold Material Health certified.
• Recyclable through the ReStart reclamation program

Mindset LVT is :

• FloorScore certified
• Made in the USA with up to 27.5% pre -consumer recycled content
• Recyclable through the ReStart reclamation program

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