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Crossville Announces Latest Recycling Program Milestones

Manufacturer Has Diverted a Total of 24 Million Pounds of Fired Porcelain from Landfills To Date Through Its Tile Take-Back® Program and TOTO USA Partnership

CROSSVILLE, Tenn. - Crossville Inc., domestic porcelain tile manufacturer based in Crossville, Tenn., has diverted a total of 24 million pounds of porcelain from landfills since launching its Tile Take-Back® program and TOTO USA recycling partnership. Both initiatives are based on Crossville’s proprietary process for recycling fired porcelain products, including post-consumer materials.

Between both Tile Take-Back® and the TOTO USA partnership, Crossville achieved the following in 2012:
* recycled more than 5,550,354 pounds of fired tile produced at the company’s plants that would have previously gone to landfills
* received and processed more than 60,560 pounds of tile including scraps and post-consumer tile extracted from renovation projects and
* received and recycled more than 6,669,834 million pounds of scrap porcelain from TOTO.

Since the launch of Tile Take-Back® in 2009, the company’s cumulative recycling totals include:
* more than 10 million pounds of fired tile produced at Crossville’s plants
* 220,000 pounds of scrap and post-consumer tile
* 13.7 million pounds of scrap porcelain from TOTO USA.

Tile Take-Back and the TOTO USA partnership are just two of many sustainable practices Crossville maintains companywide. For more information about all such practices, visit http://crossvilleinc.com/contract/sustainability/practices_and_partnerships.

About Crossville’s Recycling Initiatives
Tile Take-Back Program®
The Tile Take-Back program is Crossville’s answer to the major environmental problem facing the tile industry today: the recycling of fired tile. Because this program is so beneficial throughout the industry, Crossville openly accepts post-consumer tile from other brands as well as projects not originating from Crossville.

TOTO USA Partnership
In 2011, Crossville partnered with sanitaryware manufacturer TOTO USA to receive and recycle that company’s fired porcelain refuse. Today, there is recycled content in every square foot of porcelain tile produced by Crossville because of the harvested material from TOTO, reducing the need for raw materials for tile production.

About Crossville, Inc.
Founded in 1986, Crossville Inc. is a U.S.-owned and operated manufacturer of award-winning tile collections for residential and contract applications.

An industry innovator, Crossville is the first U.S. tile manufacturer to achieve the following:
* produce large format tile on site,
* manufacture tile with certified recycled content,
* develop the Tile Take-Back® Program for recycling fired porcelain tile
* achieve certification of its waste recycling programs
* achieve TCNA’s Green Squared certification for all of its U.S.-produced tile lines,
* distribute a complete line of large format, 3mm-thin porcelain panels (Laminam by Crossville) and
* become a net consumer of waste.

For more information on Crossville, visit crossvilleinc.com.

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