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Adhesion System Targets Concrete Repair

Fast-curing, high-strength dowel and tie bar adhesion in full-depth concrete repairs is possible with POLY-GRIP from W. R. MEADOWS. This two-component, styrene-free, acrylic system is used for anchoring and doweling applications in uncracked concrete using threaded rod and rebar.

POLY-GRIP can also be used in short-term anchoring and shear loading applications in accordance with allowable stress design (ASD). POLY-GRIP may be successfully used and easily dispensed in temperatures between 15° - 95° F (-9° - 35° C). POLY-GRIP offers a wide service temperature range between -40° - 176° F (-40° - 80° C). POLY-GRIP can be installed and cure in damp and water-saturated environments due to its moisture-insensitive properties. POLY-GRIP can efficiently reach full cure in 30 minutes at 77° F (25° C) in dry conditions.

“The rapid cure and fast turn-around time, even in very cold weather, allows to get more work done in a day which saves time and labor,” states Steve Geiger, Technical Services Manager – Building Envelope/Restoration.

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